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What to Check with Bloodwork?

Completely new to the forum and the concept of TRT in General. Recently got very basic blood work done (Total Test and Free Test). Total was below the range 9.5 nmo/L while Free Test was 5.87pg/ml.

I researched what kind of blood work is available in my country (Malta) that could support me in making an informed decision on TRT and found that what is available is actually very limited. The following is what the top local lab can help with:

Testosterone Total
Free Testosterone

I intend to self medicate as no clinic here seems to specialise in TRT. Would the above be enough for me to monitor the therapy? Furthermore, perhaps you are aware of a reputable clinic that may support me through online means?

SHBG is probably the most important test you require, this value will dictate your TRT protocol. Based on your Total T and Free T numbers SHBG is on the mid-low range pretty much suggesting EOD injections is needed. I’m unsure what type of esters you have access, but enanthate 25-30mg EOD is recommended. A 50mg twice weekly might also work.

Defy Medical can provide advice only consultants to guide therapy, they offer advice remotely around the world.

Thanks so much for this. Now in touch with Defy.