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What to Buy

Looking thru all these articles I realize how little I know about training and especially supplementation and dieting, especially for weight loss.

My plan is to drop 60-70lbs off my 5’11, 265 frame and get back to enjoying working out again. Used to love going to the gym but since I gained this weight its harder to bang out hard workouts like I know I should for obvious reasons.

Can you serious mofo’s give a brotha some help with Biotest supplement suggestions or a link on this site for a hot list of what to buy (HOT-ROX, Protein Shakes, Spike, etc)? I’ve read up on each of the products and it seems like I need them all but realistically, a specific package deal would be best. Maybe a good idea for Biotest???..Come up with pre-arranged packages of their products targeted for specific needs, weight loss, bodybuilding, sports, etc.


I think the pre-packaged idea is sort’ve against what they promote on this site, which for the most part involves making educated decisions for yourself.

I’ve tried a lot of their products and have never had any complaints.

you need to educate yourself and make a decision though dude. if you wanna cut off some of that fat, first things first though, eat right, exercise, then work the supps into the equation. Try searching for Berardi’s ‘7 Rules’ article for a good quick start to your diet.

for training, there’s hundreds of programs on here, pick one that meets your needs.

good luck.

As far as eating is concerned…keep it simple. Here’s how I started back in the day:

If it tasted good, I didn’t eat it

If it didn’t taste good, I ate boatloads of it.

You’d be surprised at how far that will get you before you even consider supplements.