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I will have to change my workout schedule soon because my son is starting 1st grade. I usually go to the gym in the morning. In a month I will be staying home until his school starts. I want to do lifing at home but not sure what to start with. How about an article guys (Building the ultimate home gym - T-mag style). I have looked at the power blocks, anybody like these. I am too strong for most home gyms (most only go up to 200 lbs). Bowflex says 410, but I am not too sure about those band thingies I will not have a spotter, but want to get a good workout. Are dumbells and a bench the best option. I still plan on making it to the gym on the weekends. how about some suggestions

Go to www.ironmind.com for serious home workout equipment.
I personally have the Five Star Flat Bench, Vulcan Racks, Pillars of Power (spotter racks), a set of 500 pounds of Eleiko Barbells, Elephant steps, Husky Dumbbell bars, and the famous Buffalo Bar. The preceding products purchased from Ironmind. Feel free to ask more questions.

There’s a great new invention called a barbell…it often is used with something called weight plates. One of those thingies (I’m not quite sure what they look like, ask around) combined with a bench and a squat rack w/ a chin-up bar would be cheaper and outdo any home gym system.

To start a barbell and bench, then so you can squat safly some kind of heavy duty boxes or something you can ditch the bar on, many use sawhorses from a home depot place, very durable. Also get a used duffle bag line it with garbage bags and fill with 100+ lbs of sand, very useful and very cheap. Go from there.

Check the past forums–we’ve done this one before

I would love to check out the past forums but always get an SQL error when I try to search them. I have told the webmaster and it is still not working correctly. If you can explain the correct way to execute a SQL statement against T-mags DB without going thru their search engine, I am all ears.

And yes I have a bench and a fuck’n barbell. I was just looking for other opinions and options, not some jackass response making my first posting a real treat.