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What to Buy?


I have a friend who is from Germany, and has been working in the US for the last two years. He has one more year on his contract here, and is then moving back to Germany. He has been making some serious bank while here, but is worried about exchanging back to euro and losing a crap load of money.

He wants to spend most of his money on items here in the US so he won't get raked over the coals during exchange.

What kind of things would you spend $10,000+ on that you could take back to europe? At first I thought he should just buy gold, but I think that will get treated as currency by customs.


There's not much you can buy worth that much that you don't lose a ton of value on by re-selling it. Diamonds or some precious gem maybe. Car would be a pain to ship plus you can't resell for anywhere near the same.


ANACONDA, he'll be swole


How about drugs? Make even more money once he gets back home.

In all seriousness that is a tough one. If he's got $10,000 to spend why not invest in something there?


ahhh, his 401K would be a good place to start.

Mutual funds, and then forget about it for 35 years.



What kind of answer is that? This is GAL.

Hookers and Blow is what he needs... Hookers and Blow.


The art market.
Old Master drawings are affordable and constantly grow in value.