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What to Ask the Dr to Get Bloodwork During Cycle?

I’m on week 4 of my cycle right now and would like to get some blood work done. My cycle is Test E 300mg/wk, Tren E 600mg/wk and Tbol 50mg/day.

How do you guys ask for blood work from the Dr? What tests should I be asking for?

Thanks guys

I order my own tests online a quick google search will point a few differnet sites out for you. Typically I request a Testosterone Panel as well as an Estrogen panel (sensative version). Considering that you’re running Tren you may want to throw in a Prolactin test. You might also want to consider a liver panel to see what the Tbol may be doing to you. I haven’t got the experience with orals to know how hepatoxic tbol actualy is at that dose.

That seems a lot easier! I was trying to figure out how the hell im gonna tell my Dr that I’m on gear right now.

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I, personally, do not tell my Dr. I’m on. I get my own labwork done online and let me PCP take care of my thyroid treatment. They have no knowledge of my steroid use. But my heart, blood pressure, lipids, etc are fine.

You’re going to want liver enzymes (alt, ast etc), renal function (creatinine etc.) Total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, prolactin, hemoglobin (determines how thick your blood is, important in determining whether to get blood drawn or not).

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