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What to Add?

O.K. here’s the deal. I have a little contest coming up and was wanting some advice, so here’s my background and what I want to accomplish.

I am on HRT and run Test Prop at 50mg EOD with either 50mg/day Proviron or 50mg EOD Masteron pretty much year round. I have been doing this for almost a year. During the time I double my dose for 6 weeks and then cruise for 7. Anyway I have 9 weeks from my start date (4 weeks from now, but I’m going on vacation) to get ready. I want to drop about 20lbs for this and be ripped and maintain and even gain muscle mass.

I’ve been thinking about trying Tren for a year now and was thinking that this would be a perfect time. My concerns are that I have never tried it and do not know how I will respond as far as sides. I was thinking abour running:

1-9 350mg /week

1-9 350mg /week

3-9 350mg /week

I do not want to have bad acne or be real red at my contest, I knew someone once that was on Tren (I think he was on at the time) and he had real bad acne. I get bad acne if I drop my dose too quick, not while “on” or crusing though, but do not know what Tren might do being so androgenic. I also have a 3 and 2 year old and do not want to lose my patience with either one.

Would you guys recommend that I go with the Tren or add something else like Oxandrolone at 30mg /day for the last 4.

Really I guess I would like feedback on what you would do knowing that Propionate and Masteron are the base. I will also be running Cytomel at 50mcg /day while cycling Albuterol.