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What to Add to Rice/Pasta?

if there as one ingredient/sauce/herb you guys would say you add to rice and pasta what would it be?

im just fed up of looking at sauces in the supermarket, reading the nutrition label and placing it back!

pesto is my only real thing i can add to pasta in moderation and feel like im not eating sugar.

The vast majority of “store” sauces suck.
If you are willing to put together your own, that is the best route.

For Pasta, just do some tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, etc… Pretty easy.
For rice, I like hot sauce, salsa, or chimichurri sauce (i make my own).


and Ground beef I like too. The beef adds flavor and extra protein.

You can use pasta sauce on rice as well. Very tastey. I like salsa on rice as well.

butter, olive oil and good cheese

If you’re really worried about bought sauces, learn to cook your own.

Quick Tomato sauce for pasta
Fry onion and garlic, heat pasatta, add dried basil to taste

butter and pieces of chicken breast. WTF? How did pasta become a main ingredient?

[quote]The Mad Greek wrote:
butter and pieces of chicken breast. WTF? How did pasta become a main ingredient?[/quote]

Lol, well if we’re looking at the USDA food pyramid, pasta IS the main dish…

My wife makes an excellent dish where she layer white long grain rice on the bottom of a glass pan, cuts up chicken breast layers that on top, then add a mixture of salsa, yellow peppers, tomato sauce, bakes at 350 for an hour and then puts cheddar cheese on top for the last 5 minutes of baking.

Another thing you can do, is I cook and store chicken, pork and steak in the fridge. There’s always a meat available in my house. For a quick dinner, we’ll take some chicken or pork cut it up, mix it with broccoli or rice and add a Thai peanut sauce on top.

For pasta, doing olive oil, black olives, canned artichoke heart, and pretty much whatever other veggies you want to throw in.

You could always go with some Mexican rice to switch it up every once in a while. But, you could always add corn, peppers, butter, and maybe a little bit of EVOO.


Go to Trader Joe’s and get some organic soup broths in different flavors. Cook the rice in the broth instead of water.

add some frozen peas or lentils/ beans

For pasta, you have plenty of choices, you can sautee nearly any veggie in some olive oil. Throw a chicken breast on the top for some added protein. The 2 best pasta brands are De Cecco and Barrilla. These are the two favorites among Italians, they know the real deal.

Also, for some kick, add some crushed red pepper, or peperoncino too. Spices are your friend, just remember that more spice does not make it better. You are the maestro, the food is your orchestra, you run the show, know what I mean ?