What to Add to Clomid?


I have been on clomid monetherapy for 3 months, 12mg eod. Sadly im experiencing gynocomastia which I guess is because of elevated e2? Im not sure what would be the best to aid in this neither is my doctor. We are discussing whether to go clomid+tamoxifen or clomid+raloxifen or clomid+anastrozel or clomid+letrozole.

Could some1 please help me what to add to my 12mg eod of clomid? If you have any better suggestions please tell!

All help are much appreciated!

We have discussed this before and do you really expect me to do an analysis of what we have discussed before? You should not be creating so many topics/threads for your case.

Have you tested these on clomid?

If E2 is elevated and causing your problems, you need to reduce T–>E2 production with anastrozole. Do not use letrozole, it can be too harsh and dose-response can be unpredictable.

Stacking SERMs can make E2 worse. Sometimes we see a SERM not protecting breast tissues in guys. Trying Nolvadex/tamoxifen instead of clomid might produce different results.

Having got any bloodwork while on clomid, sadly its not possible for me atm…

how would you dosse anastrozole? Also what if I do clomid+raloxifen?

“clomid+raloxifen” do not stack SERMs

Anastrozole .25 mg twice a week.

okay thx! For how long would you do this? also should I consider switching to raloxifen instead of clomid when the estrogen is in control?

also doc suggests me 1mg anastrozole EOD, is this too much?

Totally and absolutely.

In your case, we do not know how T will respond and need to avoid taking E2 too low. 0.25mg twice a week. Without labs were are flying blind.

sounds wise. I will do this and see how I feel, always better to start too low than too high, thank you again!

Got my anastrozole tabs now, but doc prescribed 1mg EOD. I wanna do as you told me to with 0.25mg twice a week, but the pills cannot be split?

Break the pills and take approx what you need, and in a way that you would total 1 pill of 1 mg when taking 4 times 0.25mg (keep the crumbs)

If it is a plastic capsule pill or something go to a junkie’s forum and find a way to get what is inside.

All those numbers (100 mg test, 1 mg anastrozole) are approximative numbers and based on the decimal system

is this how all people do it? Or is anastrozle also made in 0.5mg splitable pills?

Thats the way I do it, KSman dissolves it in vodka and measures an amount of fluid but thats too gimmicky for me given the amount of uncertainities and fluctuations in everything else

You will crash hard if you take 1mg EOD. That’s nearly what cancer patients take.

Doc is totally stupid or just inexperienced. The objective is not E2–>zero but E2 modulation.

3.5mg anastrozole per week would be suited for 350mg/week testosterone.

Pharmacist also is at fault as it is the pharmacist’s job to catch prescribing errors.

You can cut pills with a sharp blade. A hard back blade as used to scrap paint off of windows would be good. Have pill trapped between fingers so pieces do not fly, cut on a hard paperboard.

okay thx guys! I dont get why my doc insists on this high dosage. Especially when every1 on the internet recommends 0.25mgeod

Nod, smile, lower the dose yourself. At least you will never run out of arimidex now.

That suggested dose is for guys with moderate or lower T levels. Dose depends on serum T levels, most on TRT need 0.5mg twice a week. Note that some are anastrozole over-responders who will crash E2 [feels nasty] and need to stop for 5-6 days then take 1/4th the expected dose, 1/16th mg in your case. But you already knew that because you read the stickies - right?

We have a thread for ‘stupid things that docs say and do’ that has many cases like this.

thx guys!

So been on anastrozole for some weeks now 0.5mg ever 3 day, gyno symptons doesnt seem to get any better. Tho joints are starting to hurt?

I might consider going off clomid - how would you taper off without e2 getting out of control? I thought of maybe going ralox for a month?

I pointed out that anastrozole dose depends on T lab results and that we are flying blind. Also need labs for LH/FSH to see if SERM dose is OK, see the list of labs above.

You have no reason to switch SERMs.

Sore joints may be suggesting low E2.

Get lab work instead of guess work.

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