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What TM for 7th Week Protocol?

Let’s say that one run:
Cycle 1 - Leader
Cycle 2 - Leader
(7th Week Deload)
Cycle 3 - Anchor
(7th Week TM Test)

Then should the TM used for the deload week be the same as for cycle 2 or 3? And for the TM test, should one use the cycle 3 TM or the one for the first cycle in next program?

The Forever book is very unclear here in my opinion. So, dear Mr. Wendler, is it A (last cycle’s TM) or B (next cycle’s TM)?

Use the TM from the cycle you’ve just completed.

Think of it of more of a confirmation than a “test”.

If you have been successfully completing all the reps on your standard workouts, and you can get 5 strong reps with your TM during the 7th Week TM Test, then your TM is probably on track.

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