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What TM Do You Use?

So I know the “normal” TM is 90%. And I’d never advocate \ discuss going over this. But some templates require an 85% TM. I’d like to know; does anyone here use this lower TM on purpose for - let’s say more vanilla 531 templates? Do you go even lower? And if so how do you find it?

@T3hPwnisher I think I remember you saying when you could only do 5 reps on the +1 week you lowered your TM. So you operate between 85-90%?
I’ve had some success in re running a month. And focusing on beating rep PRs. So I guess that’s using a TM at less than 90%.

What’s the feeling on dropping below 85% to say 80%.
I guess your PR sets become longer. But the principles remain the same so you’ll progress.
Any insights from anyone.

I dont know my TM by a percentage, but i control it by setting up higher my minimal reps. So what i try to do is do +4 reps on each week.
So 5s is 9 reps… 3s is 7 reps and 1s is 5 reps. When it becomes too hard i might do 1-2 cycles with a bit less reps(like +3) and then rewind it back to where it started to break down to see if i can do the 9-7-5…

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I’ve used as low as an 80% TM just to get more reps on my PR sets. There’s definitely value in taking high rep sets to a high relative intensity once in awhile. Usually I end up more defined and bigger when I do this, but will burn out quicker.

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I have NO idea what my 1rms are on any lift. I haven’t maxed since 2012. I just know that, when my 1s week gets less than 5 reps, I have very little room to grow.

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@carlbm I generally use 80% for ANY template, even if the template calls for 85-90. It works for me, but kind you, 531 is my GPP for boxing. So I train 2 days per week (each big lift every 14th day) with full body assistance.

It works amazing, but Ihave to account for a lot of work due to boxing. Your mileage may vary

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Is this an active decision?

You set your very first TM at 85-90%.

From there, you add upto 5/10lbs per cycle.

Depending on whether you are doing the TM test or 5 forward/3 back or something else, you could lower your TM or keep it.

In that way, your TM could be 85 or 90% but it also could be 75% or even lower.

Forever seems to keep your TM at a weight you can hit at least 5 times when there is lots of heavy main/supplemental movements,.

Sorry dude - kinda caught up all weekend.

I just normally set my TM at 90%. I think this is a habit. But I think I’m going to run the current cycles a few times. Get to the point where my 1+ is an 6-7 reps.
For some reason adding a rep to each PR set feels easier then adding more weight to the bar!