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What Time to take Whey?

I’m going to be ordering some of the SURGE protein from this T-Nation. I was wondering what time is the most beneficial to take the protein. I’ve heard before is better or after. I’m thinking after, but could someone re-assure this for me? Also do you think protein is the only thing that I need?

Surge or whey? not quite the same. Surge should only be taken around workouts. Usually a serving or half serving after your workout and depending on the intensity of your workout maybe a serving before or during. Search for supplementation for newbies article and the double dosing Surge article.

take whey post-workout

some people also have some for breakfast

Acording to a study posted by Dave Barr, if you’re only going to drink 1 shake, you should drink it before hitting the weights.

Yup, surprised me too. Better go and read it yourself, draw your own conclusions and all that.

Very Helpful article. Thanks a lot!

I usually take it 10 to 15 minutes before the end of my workout. Then at the end, down a few raw eggs