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What Time to Take Dbol?

Hi guys.

I’m planning on starting a cycle pretty soon.
Long story short - recovering addict, tried a Test E + Dbol cycle, the needles triggered and I ended up back in rehab.
Been clean for over a year and want to stay that way, so needles is a no-no this time.

I’m just looking for a bit of a boost, not massive gains, but I’m also very concerned about the damage orals does to your body considering my past - so I’m planning on starting with a light short cycle, getting bloods done before starting the next 2 on weeks, and seeing how that goes.

What I have in mind is:
2 weeks 20mg Dbol ED
2 weeks off (maybe 20mg nolva ED?)
2 weeks 20mg (maybe 30mg) Dbol ED
2 weeks 20mg Nolva ED (definitely)
2 weeks 20mg (maybe 30-50 depending on previous weeks)
2 weeks 20mg Nolva ED (definitely)
4 weeks off

I realise that this is a wimpy cycle, and not having an injectible makes me less of a man etc etc but I’m pretty set on doing this cycle, however I have read conflicting opinions on when to take the Dbol.
Some say the dose is small and thus should not be split up, and just taken in the morning.
Others say split it 2x10mg, morning and evening.
Others say take it all pre workout.

So which of the 3 would be best?
On weekdays I’ll be training at night (8pm), and on weekends I’ll be training in the morning.

Thanks in advance!

I would never recommend a dbol only cycle, but just like you said, everyone has varying opinions so you’re just gonna have to see what you like best. Personally spreading it out throughout the day and keeping stable levels makes sense to me but taking it all pre workout can be beneficial also. Do you really think you should be messing around with any kind of drugs considering your past? are you sure it was just the needles that triggers your addiction?

Most these oral threads get insanely flamed if you haven’t realized, but reading that I guess I see your thinking, if your own production shuts off 2-3 weeks in, wouldn’t the dbol just stack onto your own production? and then it wouldn’t shut off because you stopped before the 2 weeks is up.

Curious to know myself… obviously more orals, AI and test-prop for short ester… probably quickass recovery atleast… but if your even scared of orals being bad why are you even considering roids if gains will be minimal to none? Heard nolvadex is bad for liver too…off time means off everything btw.

well, d-bol has a noticeable effect on dopamine, so if you’re an addict, then you might wanna rethink this as well…

OP, if you’re serious about short cycles, then i’d suggest researching the Bill Roberts short cycle theory, as well as the Class I/Class II androgen theory…

Or seeing as you are a recovering addict you could just avoid drugs in general