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What Time to Sleep?


Right now I try to go to bed around 10pm, because I have to be up at 5 for my workout. However, I am going to try going to bed around 6 or 7pm, and then waking up naturally the next morning. I will do all my house cleaning and cooking early in the morning as opposed to at night.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Has anyone tried it? What time do you guys feel is the best time to sleep?


Circadian Rhythm. You need to go research what that word means...and by research, I don't just mean do a quick Google/Wiki search.

Why would there be a universal best time to sleep? I personally can't even sleep for 8 full hours straight unless inebriated or completely exhausted.


I sleep from 5 am till 1 pm most nights. Dont recommend it.


When you're tired.


Thanks a lot, X. I just did a google search (to start) and reading on advancing/delay your internal clock; it is really cool. I will have to experiment with it and see what happens. Seems rather simple to do, with just a cursory glance so far.

But your follow up question, about why there would be a best time to sleep: It was more of a personal opinion question, more than information on an exhaustive study indicating a absolute best time. I have heard getting to bed after midnight is worse and so I wanted to dive into some real world experience on the subject, especially with people who feel sleep is really important.


That is still 8 hours, why don't you recommend it?


Solid feedback.


I know that sounded sarcastic, but I'm serious. Our modern world brings so many distractions, it's often hard to pick up,the little signs your body gives each night. How many times have we powered through feeling drowsy only to watch TV, go out with friends, read into the night, etc?
Elevated stress levels from your workday can mask the signs as well. A natural thing like decompression at the end of a long day happens not only when your body is at rest, but your mind as well (and especially). Finding ways to relax your head at a reasonable hour (no, not reading training articles on T-Nation) in the evening is a good step in letting the natural processes that initiate sleep begin. Like X said, you may not really require the "recommended" 8 -10 hours of sleep per night.


Have to agree, I usually go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 8 but after a rough day at work I'll go to sleep earlier sometimes. Its alittle odd to be me though if I go to sleep early I end up needing less sleep than usual to feel great in the morning.


Think of it like this, you need less car maintenance if you bring your car in earlier. Why? Earlier car maintenance fixes things before they become so bad that they need to be replace, etc.


I had a contributor to this site tell me (in person) I should align my sleeping habits with the sun. Be in bed around 8:30-9.


I say you gotta keep your body guessing bro. Try going to sleep right after you wake up from a full nights rest. Your body will be like, wtf I was just asleep for 8 hours?! He'll never see it comin.

Then profit


So in a month or so, and after switch to winter time, you will be going to bed around 4:30 in the afternoon?


It was not meant to be taken 100% literally, but to illustrate the point that sleeping at 11:30-12:30am which is what most people do is not optimal. That's why I stated 8:30-9.


I personally have trouble sleeping longer than 8 hours and I don't think your body needs more than that, 7 is actually fine for most people but allow 8 if you don't fall asleep instantly. You also sleep better when its darker so try to align that 8 hours when the sun is down as much as possible. Also having to do with the sun but not so much in our modern era is body temperature. Your body goes through a cycle of cold/warm peaks throughout the day. Hitting a high warm peak throughout the day either via sunlight or workout makes it easier to cool down later but you need several hours which is why its a bad idea to workout too late before going to bed. You also naturally have a smaller cold cycle mid day which is why you sometimes feel like taking a nap.


Not a guy and assume you want to hear from the guys (I DL 185, does that count?). I used to get by on 6 hours and since moving to Seattle, I'm getting a solid 8. I feel awesome every day between the solid sleep, eating clean and my lifting.


I wake up about :30-1:00 before sunrise. No one that ever woke up before sunrise failed to make his or her family rich.


I go to bed 2-3am every night and wake anywhere from 10am-12pm depending on what the day holds. This is because I work late, lift late and have school in the afternoon. I have been doing this for 2 years. I feel great, make progress consistently in the gym and get great grades at school. I think the body can adapt pretty quickly to almost any schedule.

My dad gets 6 hours of sleep a night, has done so for as long as I can remeber. He is in bed around 11 and up for work around 5, he's healthy as shit, rides 20-30 miles on his road bike a day and lifts. Again I think the body can adapt pretty quickly to almost any schedule.


I've done this before... I just feel sluggish, regardless of the amount of sleep I had. It probably has to do with your body being regulated by the sun, which affects melatonin levels and a host of hormones. I would rather get 7 hours and wake up at a decent time instead of 8 hours and wake up in the afternoon.

Brother Chris that's a great quote dude, if it's not a quote it should be.


You could also just alternate between lines of ambien and cocaine.