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What time of day for roids?

Fellow T-men, does someone know what is the best time for taking roids? Say, if i take 10 d-bols a day, at what time should i use them?

With injectables, the time of day does not matter, since the duration of action is long
and levels are pretty steady over time. With
orals, for maximum gains, divide the dose
equally into four or five doses per day. If
however you want to use them more as a “supplement” than as a real steroid cycle,
and want to preserve natural T, take 2/3
of the dose on arising, and the remaining
1/3 at noon. This will give much less gains
but on the other hand will have little
adverse effect on testosterone production.
Because of the negative effects of
17-alkylation, though, you still don’t want
to do this for long periods of time (see
other posts on that subject.)

Thanks for the reply Mr. Roberts, i appreciate it.