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What Time of Day are You the Leanest?


Just curious, I know that apparently you weigh up to 1.5kg less when you wake up..

so when are the most leanest for the day, ie when you wake up, just before you sleep,

and Ive noticed that when Ive run around on the sports field for an hour playing a particular sport, I look leaner (could be psychological) so are you leaner when you've run around for a while??? and are there any techniques (just to satisfy my personal agenda) that can make you look leaner then what you really are say within 24 hours????? eg diet, eg exercise, eg cardio, eg ab workout???


When I wake up. I'm VERY lean, dry and vascular when I wake up. I hold more and more water as the day goes on.


11:53 a.m.


Doesn't really matter to me at this point, I'm bulking up.


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After I run. Whether in the morning or late afternoon.

In the past it would be Saturday mornings. The beer from the previous night worked really well to cut me up for a day.


Never thus far - too fat to see any definition yet.


Perhaps BECAUSE you drink ( and are stood up for so long: - presumably moving a bit too)


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Thank you for your valuable post.

Typically either 1) in the morning after waking, or 2) after running.


In the morning. Especially when I'm hungover and dehydrated.


first thing in the morning for sure.


yes first thing in the morning.......... right after cardio I usually look like crap....




Before you get fat.


After a long night of tequila drinking, and eating shit food, I look my best.


Ah! I see what your geting at. (it got to be down to some other difference, obviously).


There was an article on T-Nation not that long ago on a technique for drying out. I think I remember it takes a week of preparation.


Ahh.. so no easy way out,

and it does seem that in the morning due to dehydration that you look leaner!

so I guess if you are going to the beach then maybe a few hours of no food and dehydration might make you look better????