What the ?

For the last week and a half I’ve been getting a light sheen of sweat after every time I eat. I’m also lightly sweating while I sleep and my apetite has gone through the roof. I almost feel like I’m on T2 but I’m not on any supps right now. Is this an increase in metabolism for no good reason? What is it?

Have you upped your carb intake? or maybe just come off a diet recently where you were eating low carbs? if you are sweating in response to eating, it can be a sign of an elevated metabolic response (ie thermic effect of food)whats your morning temperature like?

Umm, could it be … summer!!!

(Sorry Ironbabe, I just couldn't resist being a smartass. You know I love you, babe! ;-] )

Hmm, the thought of ironbabe glistening with a light sheen of sweat… I have to go touch myself now. :slight_smile:

it’s most likely diet and bodyfat related, I experienced what you are talking about when I dipped under 6%. if it is thyroid related some possibilites are. 1 your caloric intake has been above maintanence. 2 if you are eating 6 times a day and you have been more consistant with eating your meals in equally spaced intervals (yes this does matter) then you may be feeling the effects of your metabolism increasing (most likely). or if you have been on T2 and their was some suppression you may be feeling the effect of your natual thyroid level retuning (least likely). mind you these are possibilities, it could just be humid.



Hey Ironbabe what do you mean you feel like you’re on T2? I will start using T2 in about a month time, just made me wonder, thats all.

Eric - I have recently upped my calories (including carbs)…maybe that’s the answer. I’ll check my temp tomorrow. Thank you.

Char-Dawg - It’s summer? Where? :wink: (you haven’t felt humidity until you’ve lived through a Tennessee summer)

TEK - Umm… I hope you had fun? (how the heck do you respond to that kind of post?)

Dozer - It’s been a month and a half at least since T2, but I was dieting rather stupidly and lost some muscle so maybe my body is trying to overcompensate?

Hyphnz - Nope, my cycles are normal and I’m taking my “pill” like a good girl.

slaine - once the T2 kicks in, it makes me hot and sweaty. The same thing I’m feeling right now (just ate).