what the....

Im in a cutting phase right now and i weigh myself every morning. This morning i woke up and stepped on the scale and i had gained like seven pounds over night. After i took my morning #2 it became about 5 lbs. Could it be water retention because i didnt drink my normal gallon and a half? Nothing changed diet wise. Calories consumed was the same as its always been. Someone clear this up for me

First, I’ll tell you something that a lot here will give you shit over…Don’t weigh yourself everyday…Just do it once a week, really…I know when you’re cutting up, you feel like you NEED to do it every morning…but, you’re better off seeing the difference at the end of a week…

I’ll second Devil-boy. Weighing once a week = good, Every day = Gay, I mean Crabby. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


Plus weighing yourself everyday ends up being a retarded math problem:

weight +5 -2 +3 -4 +9 (beer) -50 (hyposuction)

See how bad it could be?

You can weigh yourself everyday as long as you realize that there will be fluctuations. Don’t get all upset when they occur.

Peronally, I like to weigh myself each morning. However, I understand that there will be occasional fluctuations based upon a myriad of things. It’s still nice to keep a check on it.

What ever we focus on, measure and compare improves!