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What the **** is Going on With My Hand?


Having some serious cramps from my hand. I was diagnosed with golfers elbow a year ago and have been treating it, however this pain is immense, just cutting a steak …in any position where i have to use my thumb inwards it just automatically cramps up my muscles. I have tried what my dr said to massage my forearm and use ice…it has fixed the issue abit but it still happens even after a couple months of ice/massage. Not sure what to do at this point, some assistance would be great.


I’m going with the most simplistic answer first. How is your salt intake? If it is a cramp and not a muscle spasm it could really be that simple. Sorry if this is a dumb answer but it’s worth shot. See below example where he talks about his hands involuntarily cramping inwards.


I try to keep my sodium intake low, i add small amount of salt to everything.


That’s great if you’re a sedentary fat old dude with heart disease and high blood pressure. If you are busting your ass in the gym everyday (sweating) and eating no processed food, then you likely don’t get enough salt.

I added a teaspoon of salt per day to my evening shake and it totally stopped my crazy leg cramps. Salt is the best otc supplement a weight training athlete can take after fish oil. Watch the video. Stan is much smarter and more eloquent than I am.


Thanks for the information i will try it and watch the video, i will report back with results in a couple weeks.


Have you tried pickle juice?


Eating a jar of pickles every month bro.