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What the **** is Going on with My E2?

Quick about me:
26m secondary hypogonadism

Treatment: 200iu hcg/daily .5mg Arimidex

Even on this relatively low dosage of HCG and HIGH! Arimidex my E2 is still a bit too high and I have fluid retention around my ankles.

Several doctors (endos mainly) have lectured me on the long-term risks of Arimidex as it has not been studied long-term in men. I have read a ton of info all over the web and there frankly isn’t much on the drug’s use in men. Everything is breast cancer related.

But seriously, how can I still have higher than optimal E2 on that dosage of HCG? I don’t get it and it scares me.

Have you heard of anyone needing to take that much Arimidex with so little HCG?

PS, I know I have another thread going…but this has nothing to do with Denver doctors.

Post your lab work with ranges.

That dose of hcg might be a little high for YOU, which is causing conversion of T to E2 in your testes. Arimidex can not control intratesticular T to E2 conversion.

Lowering the hcg dose might help but thats why your lab work is needed to be looked at.

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Arimidex can lead to decreased E2 which is what the bones and joints use as the signalling molecule not testosterone. Low levels of E2 from a young age like yourself would put you at higher risk of osteoporosis. Something that normally effects women and a small percentage of men. Sounds like no big deal right? Except for this group of people breaking a hip or other bone most often leads to an accellerated trajectory to death from other health complications. It matters and you should care. However since E2 is high(all guesses without labs) you should be ok. Lower your hCG dose and your E2 should come down and then you can lower your AI dose.

Your dose of hCG is 1400iu/wk. This is double the dose many here are taking. The protocol most supported here is 250iu EOD = 875iu/wk. Since you’re using only hCG + AI it’s possible you need a little more but I would let lab results be the judge.

That’s a pretty high dose of HCG as mentioned above. Many of us run 700-750iu/wk.