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What the Hell's Wrong with People?


I don't mean to sound ethnocentric or anything, but synthol (or sesame oil, or whatever!) seems to be pretty popular in foreign (not U.S.) countries...



This is on Brazilian television I assume? (someone please correct me if I am wrong)

If it is, then I am not surprised. Countries like Brazil have a strong culture of plastic surgery for female beauty, with no qualms over whether a woman's tits or face is natural. I guess it would be natural for them to move on to artificial means of enhancing men's 'beauty'.
Cultures are very different around the world. We don't all have the same social values or norms. I wouldn't be surprised if there are parts of the world where training and eating normally are considered 'stupid' due to the fast and 'easy' alternatives.


I think the attraction is the site enhancing effect with out the work involved in going to the gym. We all know better but the regular joe only sees muscles that look bigger. Its an instant world instant food ..instant boobs now we have instant muscles.

Personally I wish I could understand what they are say in the video.


Hey nothing wrong with instant boobs.


He's asking him why his forearms are still so fucking small.


Someone told them to INGEST healthy oils. It was lost in translation.


Apparently Greg Valentino has a LOT of latin cousins.


Like someone wrote above, Brazil seems to be going nuts over it. Mind you, every couch potato sees them the exact same way they see the rest of us....so yeah, their screw ups do affect us.

Any really big guy now gets dumped into the same category as these jackasses.


I watched most of the video (couldn't understand much), and honestly couldn't get over how silly his tiny little neck looked.. and how ridiculous he looks curling what, maybe 30 lbs per side on a cambered bar?!



"See! I told you bodybuilders are weak!"


The whole thing is ridiculous. Them blaming it on "steroids" is also ridiculous. His tiny little head and neck is fucking comic relief though.

They did ask him if he had muscle necrosis and he said something to the effect of not having any problems with his muscles.

I am trying to figure out how dumb the people around them are if no one has told them how retarded that looks.


I can't for the life of me understand how he can like what he sees in the mirror.

Kill it. Kill it with fire.


Dudes just tryin to get swole. i dont see a problem with that


Lesser education. People who know what muscles are supposed to look like wouldn't be happy with that. People who bypassed all of the years of hard work to blow themselves up with oil don't know shit about muscle balance or even what their genetic shape is.

They rushed it. Anyone with even a 9th grade biology background should be able to tell something is wrong.


I burst out laughing when he hit that back double bi! Let's see those wheels!


I need to start making and selling my own synthol i could be a billionaire in Brazil by next week


The guy looks like Igor, from Count Duckula.


He looks like he's wearing one of those inflatable muscle suits they sell at Hallowe'en


Wow. Maybe we'll see them on the next jersey shore


This is actually quite common in South American countries. Since the population is mostly poor, they don't have any idea of what Steroids are, so they mistake it for Synthol and a few months later they get health complications, appear on TV and die.