what the hell????

ok i just started a new cycle of enanthate and EQ. was doing my first shot of EQ in my right shoulder and it was stuck. no matter how hard i pushed on the syringe, nothin would go in. I tried pulling the needle out a bit and again, nothing. so I finally gave in and switched shoulders and it worked fine. what the hell is up with that? anyone ever experience that before and what was it?

dude your just to rocked up!

Do you have skin of steel like Superman? I’m guessing when you say “stuck”, you mean that you couldn’t push anything in with the plunger. I’ve had this happen a few times and I’m guessing it’s the build-up of scar tissue… for me anyways. All I do is, remove the pin and stick it back in about 1/4" from that spot. The oil goes in just fine after that. Good luck.

try aspirating to remove any possible particals from the pin. that sounds like what you had. if you pull the pin back slightly you should have been able to inject something. what happened with your eq sounds like what happens to me with some winstrol products. pulling the plunger back each time it gets stuck seems to help.

haha yeah I’m too rocked up I wish. but yeah, I meant that I got the needle in, just no EQ would come out of the needle. but thanks guys, I’ll keep that in mind for next time

This is actually sorta funny when you think about it. I had went to give my freind a shot in the glute because he could not reach around himself to do it. Fucking needle bounced right the hell off of his ass cheek…Twice. Brand new needle and everything. I had to harpoon him after that.