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What the Hell? Muscle? Synthol?



Muscle isn't supposed to look like that, right? I'm very confused, because I don't think synthol looks like that either. What is going on here?


That's not synthol. Honestly, if you haven't seen legs that look anything like that, then you don't follow bodybuilding very closely. There is one competitor in NPC who looks like that but his upper body is lacking.


LOL those are MONSTER legs, like it reminds me of a dinosaur. Something strange in me wishes I had those kinda legs lol.




DAMN! I'm not one for getting THAT big although you have to say it is impressive.


Thats fucking disgusting. Who would ever want that?


His left leg looks like it has some kind of open sore on it or something.


Have you seen the current powerful image?


why the hell would you do that to yourself?


But it's not just the size. It's the way it looks completely flat unflexed, and when he flexes you can see each individual muscle. Plus the jiggling...

I'm gonna say he injected his muscles with flubber.


Is everybody on this thread with the exception of the Professor joking? C'mon!


Someone pull it here. I can't wiew it for some reason.


Thats tom platz thighs and calves.

He got those huge groin and adductor chits going on too.


I'm guessing that all the people who never want to look like that have nothing to be afraid of.

Me, I'll stick to my 2x/week Leg Days and see what I can accomplish.


They are fucking biiiiiiig legs. Some of it is the angle from which they are shown, but they are fucking biiiiiiiiig legs.

I think I'll go do some squats.


No, I'm totally serious. Look at his left leg. There's a friggin hole in it!


At the top of the page:
"One piece of advice I do offer however is if you're going to film yourself in speedos maybe you should stick a few socks down the front if your hung like papa smurf."

LOL. I'd sacrifice penis size to have legs like that (then again, I'm already married).


Yea, and they're just pumped from a workout.
After a half-hour or so, they'll go back to legs like these:


I see what you're talking about.. that little scar there.. looks like maybe he had a nasty abcess from a quad injection... or maybe scar tissue from multiple quad injections. I had a buddy who never rotated injection sites and had a weird looking scar on his hip.. but other than the weird scar those legs look "normal" enough to me.. freaky jacked but not synthetically or artificially so.


Then again, that would get you divorced.