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What the Hell Is Wrong with This Picture?!

I know I just posted about getting new labs but I was flipping through threads on Free T and I did a double take that almost broke my neck when I looked back at my last labs. Can anyone explain what in the hell is up with my Free T in reference to everything else???

-Testosterone Serum
Testosterone, Serum 1102 (264-916 ng/dL)

-Testosterone Free with SHBG
Testosterone, Serum (Total) 1161ng/dL⬅️
% Free Testosterone 1.8%:arrow_left:
Free Testosterone, S 209pg/mL :arrow_left::interrobang::triangular_flag_on_post:
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 57.6nmol/L⬅️

-Estradiol (L-004515)
Estradiol 16.1 (7.6-42.6 pg/mL)

This was at peak plasma levels 1.5 days after a IM injection…but still?!
How in the world is my Free T out of the 38-162pg/mL range with Low E2, 1161 TT, and 57.6nmol/L?!

My Free Testosterone% is 1.8%? WHAT?!

2-3% is considered ideal.

How would you calculate my percentage. I just get a number from a range:

Testosterone Bioavailable Calculated

UNIT nmol/L

Testosterone Total 18.3 nmol/L 6.1-27.1
Testosterone Free Calculated 565 pmol/L 110-660
SHBG 14 nmol/L 13-89

Convert free testosterone to ng/dL, 209 pg/mL= 20.9 ng/dL
Divide 20.9 by total testosterone, 1161 = 0.018


So my Free Testosterone is not out of range then. Sorry about the post then. I’m being a Hypogonadal Hypochondriac😅

I saw a 50-160pg/mL range as normal somewhere and couldn’t figure out why my Free T looked like it was through the roof. I’ve found a couple test types since I freaked out which vary based on the type of test. I looked at my Labcorp values and compared them to a similar Labcorp test and it looks like my peak plasma concentrations are still well within range.

No problem, remember, don’t worry too much about the number, the focus is on how you are responding to symptoms and how you are feeling.

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16 / 527.4 = 0.0303


(Edited because I’m a dumbass.)

I think 16ng/dl (Free T) ÷ 527ng/dl (Total T) = 0.03

3% is the ratio of Free Testosterone to Total Testosterone phil

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Made a booboo with calculator. 3% is breddy good. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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:slightly_smiling_face: no worries brother. Being new to this way of life, I can’t offer very much experience.

I’m grateful for the guys on here that have been around and doing this for awhile. If I had to rely on a doc for all the help I’ve gotten here I would already be several grand in the hole and have to wait years to learn half of what you guys offer.

I really envy those who have their numbers dialed in and are past the side effects of initialization. Some guys seem to really enjoy their renewal on life since starting trt. I’m trying to walk into this with my eyes as open as possible and learn as much as I can. If I can get where I’m headed I’ll be able to help others who are coming into this process.

You’ve been around since May '17 phil, how do you feel on trt? Were things rough in the beginning? What are they like now?

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Things worked out just great after about 6 months and going to daily pins of 17mg SubQ because of my goddamn low SHBG of 14. I never experienced the bad sides, started at 100mg a week split into 2 doses of 50mg (first 3 months then bloods) but everything came back to normal after bumping to 120mg with 17mg daily pins. Love the TRT!


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Sorry, I calculated @thehokiefloyd. I meant to do yours separately on another post.


No worry at all! I’m just happy to have the information on determining the ratio and being able to relax a little🙂.


I see you’ve been daily shots for awhile. I’m lowish shbg like you, roughly 19.

Can you tell me if moving to subq daily shots did anything for libido/arousal? I’ve done EOD, e3d, once/week, once/2week protocols and nothing yet.

Debating dailys. Any feedback you could give would be great.

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I really can’t add too much roscoe. I was a classic case of LOW T with all the symptoms which eventually all went away once dialed in.

First 3 months on 50mg twice a week: 50% improvement
Blood work showed unimpressive T levels and I knew it before seeing results. There was more to gain.

6 months later with 120mg a week at 17mg ED:
Loibido, arousal, mental clarity, energy and Free T up in higher range. Also, I wake up with morning wood every day. I got lucky.

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Are you using cypionate?

Yes I am, test cypionate.

You are seeking libido do to high estrogen, you went from 50mg twice weekly (100mg weekly) to 30mg EOD (120mg weekly) increasing your weekly dosage by 20mg, I thought we were trying to lower estrogen, not increase it.

You went in the wrong direction, you’re supposed to decrease total weekly dosage when injecting more frequently or your levels will be higher. I think you stand a better chance on daily injections like I did.

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30mg EOD is more like 105 weekly. Not 120. Remember, first week yields 90mg test, then second 120mg test, averaging 105mg per week.

I do think you’re right systemlord and thank you so much for your help. I am just working up the nerve and ambition to try daily. I’m thinking like 12mg/day should work… or to start.

No 30x4 is 120mg, you are injecting 120mg an every 7-8 days cycle. I inject 20mg EOD for a total weekly dosage of 80mg, Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun, Tue/Thurs/Sat/Mon.

You’re splitting hairs over adding 1 day to the week every other week.