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What the hell is wrong with my biceps???

This may sound a little odd but please stay with me guys. When I do hammer curls or reverse curls my biceps have a horizontal bump around the lower 1/3 of my biceps. It’s like someone took a string and wrapped it around my lower arm. It has a hump and everything. I know your biceps is made up of 2 vertical parts duhhh!!! But it seems like mine also has two horizontal parts. It looks odd as hell and I don’t know what to do. Is this my genes or what?

i noticed the samething on my left biceps, after i did EDT for my arms. i thought that split was so cool, but now its gone.

i say who cares as long as you are growing.

Damn dude,…maybe you should get it checked out.

I tend to be very vascular in my upper arms and forearms, and have noticed a vein in the same area. If that’s the case (and it’s not painful), be happy; it’s a good thing. Take a look at any bodybuilder in contest shape and you’ll see that they have veins running every which way (Paul Dillett’s freaky shoulder veins come to mind) rather than the traditional ones we’re used to seeing.

Actually guys, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I have the same thing on my right bicep. If I’m working them that day (they get a pump) it looks like I have a string tied around my bicep (not too tightly). I doesn’t affect my tricep, just the bicep. It looks really neat if they shadows hit it right (like during a concentration curl). It doesn’t affect performance in me and all. No pain, no sensation. I think it’s just a visual effect.

It sounds like your fascia is restricting your bicep. Some fasica planning might help. See ART in other threats. Best of Luck.