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What the Hell is Up with Sarah Palin?


She was an absolute monster during the 2008 campaign, another big government Republican with all the religious baggage thrown in. Supported the bailouts and the stimulus. Now she's the darling of the Tea Party movement, endorsing all the small-government candidates like Rand Paul and actually speaking somewhat eloquently on the need for small government. Is she moving toward classical liberalism or is she just an opportunist taking advantage of the public's reaction against the left?


She just reads whatever is written on her hand.


No, it's just that the Tea Party is more like her than Paul, is all.


First I think she is an opportunist. Second is the TEA party for all the good things they have going for them they are not politically sophisticated in some ways. It leaves them open to exploitation and dirty tricks.

Do not forget that Palin works for Rupert Murdoch. The same Rupert Murdoch who stuck the British with Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. Who are all at least as far left as Obama. I do not trust her or Murdoch. Murdocks boy Bliar is the one who gave the British some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, Brown signed away the country's sovereignty to the EU and they both turned the country into a police state. Also don't forget that FOX has been giving the Tory MEP Daniel Hannan a lot of exposure too.

Here is an example of one of the types of dirty tricks the TEA party is susceptible to, that you are not going to hear about from Glenn Beck. A few days ago I came across an article in the Guardian that says there are a few TEA party candidates who have been getting involved with the English Defense League (EDL). If it is true the TEA party needs to cut some people loose. The British National Party has declared the EDL a proscribed organization. Any BNP members who are found out to be involved with the EDL will be barred from membership and kicked out of the party. They have done this because they say the EDL is a government shill setup to cause trouble so the government can use it as a pretext to crackdown on all nationalist parties.

If that sounds little bit like a conspiracy theory you should know that MI5 which is Britain's domestic spy agency has a history of infiltrating political parties. MI5 can do things that in America would be illegal. It is not good that anyone who is connected with the TEA party is involved with the EDL because when the EDL makes it's big move that is going to be used as the pretext to bring down the BNP it might bring the TEA party down with it too.

Read the BNP article to get some idea of the types of infiltrations of political parties and dirty tricks that have been pulled in Britain over the years the read the Guardian article about the TEA party and the EDL then think about what I wrote.




Rare enough as it is that I agree with Sifu on anything, that is a fucking brilliant post. I've had the misfortune to see an EDL demonstration and seriously wonder how some of those people manage to continually breathe. That they are being manipulated by the government in an excuse to deprive us of more civil liberties and crackdown on any party that steps outside the 'appropriate' boundaries would make a hell of a lot of sense


Applies even to Palin I guess:


Just awful.

If someone cannot even write a decent hit piece, why write at all?


She's a real swell gal.


Just an opportunist looking to remain relevant. The Tea Party loves Rand Paul and she loves attention.

She is probably stupid enough to run again, she will be shown once again to be a moron and hopefully that will be enough to get her hard core supporters and her thrown out of the tea party.(She has to be the biggest road block holding the tea party back).

And lets not say she is speaking anywhere close to eloquently, saying we need smaller government and giving no examples is not speaking eloquently.


Let's see...

In a little more than 2 years, she goes from being an unemployed ex-mayor and governor, with an underemployed spouse; and is under various fraud investigations.

She goes from this to being a millionaire with 2 gigs on television and the adoration of millions...

I'd LOVE to be as "stupid" as Sarah Palin (at least for a couple of years or so).



Yep, there's the proof. Damn you are SMART!


The appetite of the American public for all things Palin never ceases to amaze me. I thought exactly what you do about Palin, but I thought this way after the election 2008. I'm mystified by the amount of relevance and credibility she still carries, especially in the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a joke anyways, since they're backed by some of the biggest billionaires in the country and would seem to fly in the face of their ostensibly populist stance.

I don't think Palin really stands for anything, and while I thought this would doom her, it seems to have benefited her. When you don't really stand for anything, you can keep your finger to the political winds and simply reflect public sentiment at the time. This is all she does; she's a product that has been repackaged over and over as consumers' needs and wants have shifted. It's just too bad that her product keeps selling so well.


Please name these billionaires (if you can) and then compare their total wealth to lefty (and 35th richest person in the world) George Soros who has his hands on just about every left wing move in the US.

Try not to take too long.




While he's at it, maybe Cooper can point out what part of the Tea Party's message sounds anything like the kind of "Kill the Rich" message he seems to equate with "populism".


David and Charles Koch, owners of Koch Industries. Net worth more than 20 billion USD each.

George Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management. Net worth more than 14 billion USD.

Sounds like the Tea Party backers are better funded.


I read an article about the Koch brothers involvement with the Tea Party. However, the article in question (like your post) never really said how much the Koch brothers have put up. Unlike George Soro's who actually owns a very large amount of liberal media and influences an even greater amount with his billions.

Please don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with people putting their money where their beliefs lie. But in this case it's more a matter of how much they've put up rather than what each is worth at that level. I just wrote a check to the Boy Scouts of America for $500, I do that every year around this time. And so does my neighbor who is worth about 3 times what I'm worth (we talk). He writes one for $100 each year. Who is more important to our local Boy Scout Chapter?

One more thing, I surely hope that the Koch brothers are contributing heavily to the Tea Party and other conservative causes. The United States needs to become great again and we won't do that by following the left wing policies of those promoted by George Soros.


Opportunist, i.e., a fairly normal politician.


I am glad I could make some sense. I actually got some my ideas for that post from reading what Nick Griffin has written. The reason why the BNP does not do marches like the EDL is precisely because such activities are open to being exploited by their enemies. Marches are real easy for trouble makers to slip into, but the group hierarchy isn't that hard to move up into either.

As was pointed out in the BNP article those groups get established by people who are politically minded but sometimes lacking in administrative skills. So if someone comes along who is not only willing to do the mundane administrative tasks that no one else wants to do but is eager to do it, they can move up the ladder quick. So it's not difficult to get infiltrators high up in the organization.

Just this week we had a good example of infiltration with the London student protests being infiltrated by agitators from the Socialist Workers Party. The UAFâ??s secretary general Weyman Bennett, also serves on the executive committee of the Socialist Workers Party. Britsh Prime Minister David Cameron is a founding member of the UAF. So it was David Cameron's own socialist allies who turned those protests so violent that two policemen narrowly escaped being murdered.


Had two policemen been murdered I have no doubt it would have been used by Cameron as the pretext for a major power grab. Like maybe an EU wide paramilitary police force to quell rebellion because the rioting across Europe has finally "gotten out of hand" with policemen dying.

What I could see happening with the EDL/TEA party association is about 18-23 months from now they go on one of their marches into one of the big muslim ghettos like Tower Hamlets with agitators causing mass violence that gets out of control leaving a bunch of people dead, so it is all over the news with the EDL blamed and portrayed in the worst way possible, with a heavy emphasis on painting them as racists. Then because a few TEA party candidates have forged links with the EDL, MSNBC and the rest are going to exploit the association for all it's worth and smear the whole TEA party as racists just before the election when there is no time for damage control. While in Britain the incident is used for another power grab by the government.


The Koch brothers are great men who have built one of the best privately owned businesses in the world without any kind of government-granted handouts or advantages. Any movement should be proud to have their bakcing.


Hey DB cooper why dont you check out who the richest congressmen are..bet you the majority are democrats..check it out my friend.