What the Hell is this Crap?

I’m thumbing through the new muscle and fitness with arnold on the cover while doing cardio, and I see a famiar before and after picture in an ad for methoxy- pro. Mike Dunphy. About 10 seconds goes by and I realize that this is the same guy who did the same exact add for cybergenics hardgainer kit about 8 years ago! What the hell is this shit? Them funny thing is that he’s older and almost bald. Back then, he was bigger, more ripped, full head of hair and an earring. In the addd, he say’s I’ve always had a hard time gaining mass and I was frustrated with a lot of other products." LOL. What bullshit. And, I’m sure this isn’t the only time the bogus endorsers have been recycled. I know I’ve seen another cybergenics guy somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before Porter Freeman is telling Ralph Zangara that is was harder than 3 X 9 to lose fat before they found triax

yeah, I noticed that too!

I saw that same bitch in a taraxatone ad.

hey guys, its not that hard losing fat when you’re a cop(ronnie coleman). I acted so macho on body of work, I look like I’m in the mafia, my body looks like I used more than myoplex. My name is ralph, I hitted on that other chick at the award ceremony. im so cool!

Ralph, you bastard! I still remembered when you copped a feel on my luscious sweaty breasts. It’s all caught on tape!

Edge: It’s an age old warning to us all, even in a New Century. 1) “Buyer Beware” and 2)Marketing will almost always be 3-4 steps ahead of the ability of a product to deliver. Quite honestly, I’m getting pretty weary of seeing these “befores” of people who obviously have underlying muscle and merely “dieted down” in order to get fat for a good “before” pic. As one persons protest; If I see one of those “before and after” pics, I completely ignore the rest of the ad AND the product. I’m just tired of all the deception…