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What the hell is Quinine?

I have been using the club soda with my PowerDrive and a lot of times I come across a certain brand of soda with this quinine stuff in it. Anyone know what it is or what it is suppose to do? Would it be beneficial to use before a workout? Thank you.

Quenine is put in tonic water or club soda to give it a bitter taste. It also prevents malaria.

If what you’re drinking has quinine in it, it’s tonic water, not club soda. Tonic water came into existence as a delivery system for quinine back when Britain was colonizing the African continent; quinine prevents malarial infecion. But despite its medicinal purpose, people realized that tonic water tasted good when mixed with various things (e.g., gin); thus, it’s stuck around even though it no longer serves its original purpose. The bad news is that tonic water usually has lots of sugar in it too. Make sure you get club soda to mix with your Power Drive and not tonic water. Check the nutritional label; it should be calorie-free.

A mild anti-maliria drug.

Tonic water is a generic name (in Australia) for a soda that has Quinine. What is club soda?

It also glows under a black light like @ a club.

There are studies quoted in a past mens health that say that Q helps with lower leg cramps, shin splints and stuff.

Club soda is seltzer, also known as sparkling water, carbonated water, etc. Quinine is so bitter, that “Tonic water” has the most sugar of any soda, I believe.

Quinine is in tonic water, not club soda. It taste bitter, prevents malaria, and will damage your hearing, don’t drink too much.

i think quinine has mild muscle relaxant or pain reduction qualities…?

Quinine is used to help treat malaria. It tastes horrible so the british had to give it with gin to get their soldiers to drink it, ie gin and tonic. Unless you are hanging out with mosquitos it isn’t going to do anything for you.