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What the hell is it?

ok t-men, how many of you have heard of a product by cytosport called musclemilk? what is it? a weight gainer or a weight loss supp.? it says “burn fat” on the front and on the back it says “take it when you need a gainer” its far too ambigous to discern what its really for by the labeling

I found Muscle Milk to be great Food.
It has almost no carbs, lots of good fats, and Long Branch Chain Amino Acids. They “claim” it has a profile similar to mother’s milk.
I used it in conjuntion with other MRPs.
I used to take it post w/o with a carb.
and at bed time with just a little carbs.
I don’t know if it is up to all the hype 'cause I used it when I was very big and first started BB, I mean anything worked!
I can’t get it in Canada … yanked because of the Long Branch Chain Aminos, very tasty vanilla tho. I often wondered if it would help the high fat diet group.