What the Hell Is Going On With The LAKERS???

Whether or not Kobe is clutch will always be up for debate. But last year remember the great Chick Hearn nicknamed him “4th quarter Kobe.” That says something.

I really don't think the Lakers are as good as everyone thinks. Granted, they have the 2 best players, but what do they have after that? Their bench is a joke, and once you take either Kobe or Shaq off the floor, the other guy gets double and triple teamed. I just think the other teams have caught and passed the Lakers, but that doesn't mean a few key moves by the trade deadline can't fix everything.

I think what Kobe is lacking is overcoming adversity in the NBA. He hasn’t been given everything, by any means, but he hasn’t had to go play for a team like the Grizzlies and learn how to carry them. He has a safety net, a 7’1’’ safety net. I don’t think he knows how to inspire the rest of his team either. Look how they played without Shaq. It wasn’t “let’s play our asses off to make up for not having the big guy”, but “we’ll just wait until he comes back to start playing” (note: as a team philosphy). To me, that says a lot about the team’s character and the leadership of that team. Kobe played phenomenally in Shaq’s absence, but where was the rest of the team? That’s why comparisons between Jordan and Kobe irk me. I have no doubt that Kobe has all of the physical skills to surpass Jordan. He’s taller, bigger, stronger, maybe even faster (hard to quantify). He’s had the benefit of being able to pattern himself after Jordan (he has that same wicked jumper, and you can’t deny the guy’s dunking ability), but he doesn’t do the things that made Jordan Jordan. (i.e. leadership/obsessive perfection, momentum changes, etc.) But he’s young, so there’s plenty of time to learn all of that. Oh, and 21pts/gm in the playoffs isn’t exactly record breaking. Only losing 7 or 8 games in the playoffs doesn’t make someone clutch, but dominating in this case. The win against Dallas was a good sign for Kobe, though. They mentally whipped Dallas more than anything, which is a step in the right direction for the Lakers and Kobe.

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Having a career playoff average of 21 points a game puts Kobe in some elite company. Run him down all you want, but you’d be a fool if you didn’t want him on YOUR team.

The biggest misconception about Jordan was his “leadership” role. He didn’t make the other guys around him better, ever at any time in his career (maybe some last year with the Wiz). He often ridiculed and embarassed his teammates in practice. Jordan was not a leader, and did not start winning until a great team was put around him. Jordan was always a great scorer and a great player, and very competitive, but not a leader. Not a leader like Magic or Bird. But as in Jordan’s case, winning fixes everything.

I completely agree with you. But there are a few others I would want with him to complement him.

Well…the Lakers just got totally SPANKED by the Grizzlies! (12/17/2002)

Look, guys…I am NOT a “Laker Hater”…I just want your opinions on what you think is going on…



Same old, same old. No D. Turnovers. No rebounding. No bench contributions. Suck on the road. (Do I need to go on?). Hopefully, if they miss the playoffs this year, it will give everyone an extra long offseason, and they can come back refreshed next year.

i dont know what it is, nor do i care, but i love it. I just cant stand cocky, egotistical bastids, and that is what shaq and kobs seem to be. maybe they are getting their just desserts… Anybody see that jam kobs totally blew? I almost pissed myself laughing.