What the Hell Is Going On With The LAKERS???

Last year…after the Championship…were they not saying “Dynasty…”???..CHA!!!..

Kobe blames Shaq…Shaq blames Kobe (and his toe…)

Shaq and Kobe blame the rest of the team…

The rest of the team tells Shaq and Kobe that they need to “shut the Hell up and play”…

Phil is somewhere smoking Ganja and practicing “Zen” as he bangs the Owner’s Daughter (and V.P. of Operations, thank you very much…!)…!

Damn, guys…will they even make it out of the WEST this year?

Your thoughts?



I"m thinking after three consecutive championships that complacency may have set in. Well maybe not complacency but the fire that the truly hungry teams have just is not there. I myself am enjoying their slide into the abyss of mediocrity very much (sorry!)I’m a Sonic’s fan hoping that we can regain our beginning of the season form.

I hadn’t heard that Kobe and Shaq were dogging each other out, but I did hear each of them dog out the rest of the team. That was really unprofessional of both of them. Never dog anyone out in public and ESPECIALLY in the national media. Hell I wouldn’t want to play harder after that, I’d be thinking, “what an asshole, I’m going to make it harder for him to do his job.” I’d have to agree that they are completley complacent, they won last season on fumes, and I don’t see them having the energy to win it all. Of course, they were pretty bad last season until the end, so it will be interesting to see then. Another part of the problem is that they have failed to pick up the new blood that brings new energy to the team.

The Laker’s can suck it as far as I’m concerned. Dynasty’s blow. Hard.

My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that they will squeak into the playoffs and lose in the first round.

Steve’s right. They’ll squeek in, but they aren’t going to get past the first round. I won’t argue with Phil’s success, but I just don’t like his style - especially with the Lakers. Scottie was willing to play second fiddle to Michael and the rest of the Bulls were more than willing to fill in the gaps the Scottie and Michael left (which weren’t many).

Kobe and Shaq each want to be number one - not just on the team, but in the league. That’s just not going to work. There leadership sucks and so the rest of the team doesn’t follow.

It's time for the Kings to cruise up to the top and get the title that they should have won last year.

On a side note, I think the Western championship will be played by Dallas and Sacramento. I agree that the Lakers will make the playoffs, but not get very far.

I see a few problems. First, the team did nothing to improve in the off-season. Second, the team is not playing hard on the defensive end. The trend for their championship runs has been defense, and it just isn’t there. Lastly, on the offensive end they are turning the ball over way to much and are doing a horrible job on the glass.

As for Kobe and Shaq calling the other players out, I agree they should do it behind closed doors. But I don't think that is affecting the team any. These guys are pro's and should be able to handle criticism from their peers.

My predicition is a second round exit at the hands of the Mav's or Kings.

I think that this all puts emphasis on what exactly Michael and the Bulls were able to accomplish…

I think a lot of people get too caught up in “Air Jordan” and “Slam Dunks” and amazing on-the-court moves…but the most amazing thing was his desire to win and leadership…

You guys SEEM to be saying that Kobe and Shaq are lacking in both…

Mufasa - damn right they’re lacking. At least Kobe. Kobe’s concern is himself, and winning is only a means to the end of glorifying himself. Kobe is an amazingly talented player, but I see no reason why he is any better than Iverson, McGrady, Francis, Kidd, or any of the others on that level. Plus, I have rarely seen that killer instinct from Kobe that Jordan had. As you (Mufasa) said, that’s what made Jordan great - not the fact that he was at least as physically talented as his competition, but the desire and the means to take over a game. That’s why they’re slacking - they lack that need to win. But I think Kobe and Shaq will get things together. If not, you can file them both in the “underachievers” column.

LOL, underachievers?!? 3 straight titles and they are underachievers? I also have to disagree about Kobe not having the killer instinct, I think that is one of the things that makes Kobe so good. Kobe got the “selfish” label in his early years, but people seem to forget how selfish Jordan was. Oh well, winning fixes everything.

Although I am a Lakers fan, the way they are playing and behaving this season makes me gag. Going to the media to whine about other players on your team is not manly behavior. I thought they had pulled it together after the stellar come from behind win against the mavs, but apparently not. Now, when I see the staples lights from my balcony, I just think “here comes another loss.” I predict no playoffs and massive bitching by all involved at the end of the season.

They would be “underachievers” for coasting through a couple of years on talent (read: Shaq’s coattails) and then just slacking off, which it appears is what they’re doing this year. In any playoff game I’ve seen Kobe play in, he has never been the one to turn it around when they were losing. Yes, once someone else makes a pivotal play and they get the momentum back, there are few people as dangerous as he is, but he can’t change the tide of a game. Jordan did that. Jordan also didn’t start winning titles until he realized (and acted on the fact) that he was selfish and couldn’t do it alone.

I still don’t see how you can label them as underachievers. I doubt anyone expected them to win 3 straight 3 years ago, with or without Shaq. I guess the Yankees losing to the Halo’s in the playoffs makes them underachievers as well?!?

As for Kobe, ask the Spurs, Suns, Blazers, Kings, etc. if he doesn't have the fire. And he is very unselfish for his age and talent, but some labels are hard to get rid of.

As far as Kobe’s performances in the past, he just hasn’t been clutch. He always plays very well, but he’s not the one winning the games, especially in the playoffs. As for them being underachievers, let me clarify my scope: I’m referring to them now. They have done great things, but to let go of what they have (i.e. lose the championship) with a stacked trio (Bryant, O’Neal, and Jackson) would be seen as not operating at full potential (definition of underachiever). There’s no reason why that team should lose a 7 game series to anybody.

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Kobe not clutch? Ask San Antonio how clutch Kobe is in the playoffs. He’s killed them the last two years. Long season in the NBA. But, the Lakers did nothing to improve themselves in the offseason. Dallas plays poor D. Sacto? Should be their year.

That’s the difference - they killed San Antonio. I honestly think nobody can blow you out as well as Kobe when he’s on a roll (thus I am ALL for him being on the Olympic team - we need someone who knows how to pour it on). BUT, that has nothing to do with winning close games.

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If a guy averaging a career 21pts a game in the playoffs isn’t “clutch”. . . .? The Lakers have been unbelieveable, esp. in the past two post seasons. What did they lose, 7 or 8 games total? Kobe was a huge part of that. I would think his performance in the 4th qtr. against Dallas last week says clutch!