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What the hell is BUMP?!?!?!

I really need to know. I am reading through these posts and see “bump” Call me ignorant or just a plain dumbass but… What does it mean?




Ok, you’re just a plain dumbass. Feel better now?

Ok, I’ll bite…Ignorant, Dumbass. Nah, J/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump means to move a topic or a thread back to the top of the forum. In case no one answers a question you post, but really need an answer, you respond to your own question or topic by bumping it up until someone knowledgable answers your question.

I would add this it’s “rude” to bump your own post more than once though. If you don’t get an answer after one bump, you aren’t going to get an answer.

Ok I set myself up for the dumbass thing. Thanks.

i feel like even more of a jackass. i thought bump was somebody’s name

While we are on the subject, What the heck does “lol” mean.

‘lol’ stands for ‘liberate our ladies,’ it’s a call for women to be more…shall I say…eroticly generous? Oh yeah…bump!

lol=laugh out loud.

In case someone is wondering ROTFLMAO means roll(ing) on the floor laughing my a$$ off. :^O

Feel any better, prljam?

I remember that thread. And a good one it was.

Just to clarify, we do give people a hard time on this forum, but 99% of the time it’s either constructive or all in good fun. :slight_smile:

B.U.M.P.=Bring Up My Post


You guys make me laugh.

Oh yeah, BUMP

It’s what little bunnies do when they do the hibidy hibidy. Oh wait that’s thump. Kind of like Thumper. THUMP. BUMP. HMMMMMMM bump, is when the boom cars go by an go bump bump. :wink: lol

An oldie but a goodie.