What the hell happened to me?

I was on a long run of actually doing my workouts until a breakdown late last year.

Now, with new and better medication, I’ve been struggling (and failing) to maintain a regular routine. It’s like the desire to lift heavy things part of my psyche is just… gone.

I’ve got a home gym with everything a lifter could want (1000# of plates, another 500# in dumbbells, two power cages, etc) and zero desire to use them. Every start-up ends very soon thereafter out of ennui.

So, as the title says, What the hell happened to me?


Not sure mate,

Sounds like you’ve lost you’re balls, maybe try loud inspirational music, find a workout buddy as you may be less likely to be such a girl and give up half way through your workouts.

Good luck anyway.

I would suggest getting a a gym membership. One way to rid yourself of the ennui would be to turn it into partially a social thing…you know, being around people lifting…maybe make you wanna lift…anyway good luck, -G

I second the motion for a good workout partner and some satanic death metal to pump your veins!

Really though, has your current or previous medications caused any decrease in Free/Bound Testosterone? If you are exhibiting any of the traits mentioned in Cy’s article “Your Doctor, Your Dealer” then you might want to look into alternative medication (if that is an option) or even some Dr. prescribed steroids. Just a thought.

I’m curious what medication you are on. It’s common for antidepressants like SSRI’s to lower drive and motivation. You may be happier but less ambitious.

That’s just a shot in the dark though.

I’ve been through periods where I had absolutely no desire to train. What got me back in it? I trained anyway. Eventually that old fire came back.

Some of the other posts here probably have a legitamite point also, but if there isn’t some hormonal or chemical reason, JUST DO IT!:slight_smile:

Heh, you need to figure out what your motivation is.

If it is something external, then it can falter. You need to have an internal reason so you can rely on discipline to enforce working towards your goals.

Going to the gym can be helpful in several ways though. Working out at home is easy to skip because there are a million other distractions.

Going to the gym leaves you no “easy out”. You are there… you are going to work out if you’ve gotten that far. It’s hard to wuss out on the effort of actually getting to the gym as well. Who the hell can’t handle the trip?

Start out by reading this:


Never fails to get me moving.

Thanks to all for the words and kindnesses. And yes, even to the ‘butch the fuck up’ responses. :wink:

I think it’s a combination of being unemployed (not for much longer I hope!) and the Zoloft. Now that I have insurance again, I can haggle with my doc on my T-levels.


I guess my suspicion was right. Zoloft is a SSRI, which can lower motivation and energy, although it is supposed to make you happier. Asking your doctor to augment your therapy with the antidepressant wellbutrin may help to restore some motivation to get back in the gym. It is very common for doctors to augment depression therapy with wellbutrin, the largest reason to restore sexual function impaired by SSRI’s.

SSRI’s can lower testosterone levels but you have to remember your number one priority is your state of mind. Your physique goals should be secondary. The wellbutrin may help, as it has pro-dopaminergic effects which has an indirect effect of increasing testosterone.

Although motivational articles or thinking may help some, it is very hard to fight biology. If depression or the SSRI’s are contributing to your general malaise a biological remedy may help. It won’t change your life for you but it will give you the tools to do so.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.