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What the Hell Happened to Her?


I just saw this old article on thesuperficial.com

"Calista Flockhart might be Gollum

In case you've ever entertained thoughts of dating Harrison Ford, let this be a lesson to you all. If I didn't tell you that this thing used to be Calista Flockhart I know you wouldn't have guessed it. Instead, you probably would have left some comments asking why I was posting pictures of strange sewer creatures. And then I'd make up some terrible lie about starting a sewer creature fan club, but eventually you'd find out it was actually Calista Flockhart and we'd have a big fight because I lied to you, and trust is the only thing we have in this world, baby.

As unhealthy as she looked as a stick, it was still way more appealing than this. A plate of monkey feces is more appealing than this."

all I can say is .... wow


I uh... well..I mean..I geuss you could say.... uh.. Forget it, I'm speechless I want to say something but can't.


No fucking way!!!! I'm shocked.


She was always a fucking rank skank!


Who's Calista Flockhart? Someone care to fill me in?


Se was in that lawyer thing from the 90's. I vant remember now, but the had an appeal.

Even a 70 Y/O H ford could do better, i bet his ex is pissing herself.


I was told anybody that has to wear a lot of makeup like actors and actresses do, look like ass out of makeup. Too much makeup under hot lights like a set ends up drying out the skin more than moderate makeup worn at the office. I don't have first hand knowledge of this; this is just what an ex-model told me.


Hmm...yeah ok...

I'd hit it.

But only if it was Calista and not someone else off the street looking like that...for no other reason than to say I did.


Ally McBeal, my prescious.


After readint the title... I thought this thread was about Karma.

/end hijak.


Just put a bag over it and do your business, baby.


"The face that launched a thousand ships
Is sinking fast, that happens you know,
The water gets below.
Seems not very long ago
Lovelier she was than any that I know."

-- Genesis, Ripples


I don't understand that picture. How do you go from this to that? If makeup is that good, there are a shitload of people that should be in movies down at Walmart right now.


can't be the same person.


I'm having a hard time believing that's her. Then again, an early morning, pre-shower, maybe hung over trip to the convenience store...



Yeah, there's no makeup in existence that's THAT good. If there is, I would be okay with doubling my income taxes to see that every woman gets some at the gov't expense.



Unless she underwent the world's worst nose job there is no way those two pics are of the same person.


I thought the first pic looked more like Tracy Ullman.


Maybe it's Chuck Norris pretending to be Calista's mother. He shaved thinking we don't remember how he looks like without the beard. What a pussy.


I don't know guys, it looks an awful lot like her. In fact, I think they're wearing the same earrings in both pics...