What the hell can I do to get rid of this

All my life, I’ve been the chubby kid. Then I found this wonderful thing called exercise and dieting, then I found the most wonderful thing of all, lifting. I went about building muscle losing fat. I got to a point where I could actually flex! Yet, there was always this fatty area in my lower pecs, like I was at 20% bf or something. Well, not quite as big as a guy that large, but they were still boobs none the less. The rest of me looked good,I thought to myself, why the hell couldn’t I get rid of these things. They were mini tits. Sure, they shrunk as my bf got lower and my muscles got larger, but they never completely vanished. Sure, I look great in tight wifebeaters, shirts ect. And they actually make my chest look fuller (under clothes). But when it’s time to swim or get freaky, I’ve still got mini tits. Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any remadies. Please help a poor fellow with a fatty chest.

I have this exact same problem if I allow my bodyfat go over 11%. Simply put, it royally sucks. (It’s not too obvious to everyone that my job is slow today, is it?)

You might have gyno. Go to a doc and have him
check you for gyno. If you do, you will have
to get surgery to get rid of it. If you don’t,
you’ll have to get your bodyfat very low to
get rid of it. And even then you may only be
able to get the look you want by having you’re
pecs lipo’ed.

I also had the same problem, but what I did and it worked was doing a lot of reps and sets on the decline bench press. It really works the lower part of your pecs. It’s worth a try.

Watts, I can relate. I’ve always been the skinny kid. Well, when I was in 7th grade, I got tired of it. So I started eating everything. Unfortunately, I ate complete junk food. And within a few months I got fat. In 8th grade, I decided to change my habits because my cholesterol was 240. So I started eating right, eliminating the shit food and exercising. By 9th grade, I was lean and mean. BUT, I had extra fat in my nipples. And I mean, you could pinch a good chunk. It was almost like gyno. It started to go away as I got older. But now, whenever my bodyfat starts to creep up, they start to get fatter too. The only thing that has helped is to maintain a low bodyfat. Even then, it’s still there. But it’s less noticeable. My friends constantly tease me about it now. I hate it! Also, working out helped too. because the muscle underneath helped shape up my chest. But I bet it’s exactly as you describe it. One of these days, I’ll have it removed. But I don’t have any “play money” to spend to have it sucked out right now.

You’re not alone. I have this too. It definatley could be gyno. You might want to read the article Nelson Montana wrote for this website about gyno. After I read it, I definatley knew I had gyno. I’m gonna make an appointment with the doctor to have it checked.

What is your bodyfat now. If its still around 20 percent, it know wonder you still have boobies…drop your bodyfat to 8 percent, then ring back! Bet you dont have 'em!

According to a 3 seperate 9 site tests I’m at 10-12% bf. And there not big, just like a little extra. I’m lean enough to see the veins in both my biceps and shoulders, my midsection looks decent. Its just that little extra around my pec, similar to the notorious “pooch” around many mens’ abdomens.

I have had several male clients with this affliction. In my early days I had the good fortune of mentoring under al of VINCE GIRONDA’s methods. The affliction you speak of was dealt with on several levels.

  1. Removal of flat bench- mad for droopy looking pecs. Bench was done to base of neck with wide grip and wide grip dips, elbows out, chin on chest.
  2. All estrogenic substances like soya are removed from diet as well as insulin “irritating” foods such as sweets, high glycemic carbs and starchy carbs
  3. Testosterone friendly elements- ZMA, EFA’s and organic greens for it’s diuretic/ metabolic suport effects are consumed
  4. Overtraining is avoided like the plague- train HARD but be done in 40 minutes . .overtraining exhausts the adrenals, suresses testosterone and elevates cortisol . .even at a low bodyfat you’ll look soft and pudgy. Preworkout stimulants lul you into a false sense of self . .
    Caveman diet may be the answer- IF YOU CAN’T HUNT IT OR GROW IT, DON’T EAT IT !!

Good luck to you- hope I’ve helped

Mike Demeter BPHE CSCS CFA Cert. Nutritionist
Senior Trainer: GoodLife Clubs, Toronto, Canada

Uhhh, just what exactly is a ‘wifebeater’…???

“Wifebeater” - slang for that shirt you usually see dudes livin’ in trailers downin’ beer for a living wearing, these same dudes are notorious for their appearances on “COPS” for domestic disturbances. Common to be balding, beer bellied, thickly moustached and bearded and occasionally sporting a mullet. Also popular among the hip hop sorta type. It’s the undershirts that are tight, ribbed and have no sleeves!!

Good 'nuff!?

“Wifebeaters” or “A-shirts” are basically tight ribbed tanktops, thats all.