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What the hell am I supposed to do with it???

Chicks are always saying that it’s not so much the size of a guys member that matters, it’s what he does with it.
Now, I dunno if I missed something in the users manual, but as far as I know, you put it in, you take it out, and repeat until satisfied…! What else is there I can do with it??? T-Vixens, feel free to help me out here.

I totally agree with you on that. Besides in/out it’s either me on top, her on top, or I’m behind her. In that Tvixen article they all pointed out that the bigger guys didn’t know what to do with it. Why do they assume a big guy can’t use it, a guy with a good body must be stupid or have a small one, and an ugly dude will have a nice personality? All the girls I asked had the opposite opinion.

Mark Mark Mark…you MUST be kidding!! I put mine in a little tux with tails, and he even does a stand-up routine for entertainment!! I am trying to teach him how to tap dance…but the rollers he came with don’t work too well for that!! OK on a serious note…First, you gotta have control, be able to keep him from going off in about 30 seconds. Second, you gotta know the SPOTS bro…and know how to hit them. Try putting a pillow under her ass with her on the bottom…she will enjoy. You gotta know how to do the “deep inside grind” complete with hip twist…oh geezz…I can’t even BEGIN to answer this damn question. Look bro…RELAX about sex, and friggin experiment. Sit between her legs, slap your cock against her clit, rub it along the outside of her pussy,…basically PLAY! This isn’t always about fucking like a pornstar…its also about relaxing and just enjoying each other. Try different depths, different speeds…wrapping your fist around him and just giving her a little bit…damn…it is ENDLESS the things you can do with your trusty unit bro if you just relax. Both of you get the first orgasm out of the way…then just revel in your nakedness!!!

Hehehe… ahhh, Whopper my friend. I’m actually all up for experimenting (and indulge in it on a somewhat regular basis), it’s just that my feedback has been somewhat limited…
And I figured there were threads on everything else, so why not this. Never know, people out there might learn something new, including me…! Cheers.

It’s not exactly what you do with your penis, it’s how you thrust, how much contact you make with your pubic bone area with her clit. There’s more to good fucking than stick it in and out. One good stroke (missionary)is to go fully in and then kind of grind your hips up and forward every time. It seems to really do the job pretty well. Experiment around and see what your girl likes. The same old in and out might not be the most fun.

go check out my post and the corresponding website. “Mark, Joe or anyone who wants to know more about intercourse, oral sex and how to impress your date!”

go take a look at the last gang o babes article, we covered this topic there…

as for in-out-repeat, you’re kidding right? would you like a blow job that had no variation in timing or stroke? i doubt it. slow, fast, shallow, deep, hard, gentile…there are about 500 million different ways to ‘do it’ grab $20 and go buy anne hooper’s kama sutra (it has pictures) or the joy of sex… ‘avoid the jack-hammer!’