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What the Heck

I finally go around to taking some decent pictures. I’m almost 5’9" and these were taken at around 178lbs.

The Back

And the Wheels, or wheel I guess.

Nice physique. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

lookin real solid.

you look bigger than 178 ! Good job !

dont know if its the angle of the pic but right delt seems to be way smaller than left one

good showing sir…

You’re looking good.

I think your back’s width is a weak point (though it is always possible you aren’t flexing properly as well).

You look solid as a brick wall.

Your avatar kicks ass too.

Finally an RMP worth complimenting.

Excellent work. Keep it up.

Lookin’ good bro!

That awesome man, congrats and keep it up.

chest and shoulders are great … dunno why but i like relaxed poses the most

very solid broham, and i dont say that much.

gave you a 7, which is pretty high in these parts…at least it used to be.

awesome physique. You have the size i would ideally like to obtain some day. especially your pecs and delts. how long you been lifting for? how bout posting your training program aswell as your diet and sups.

Solid. As someone said, bring up back width a little, maybe some more traps. Other than that, you’ve got it. What are your goals?

Can’t say much other then awesome work. Keep at it. What is your diet/routine like? How long have you been at it?

Hey everyone, thanks for the compliments. The pics turned out pretty good for once. I am currently trying to gain some size so these were sort of some before pictures. As for my training, I have a thread in the Training Logs Section, Time to get Serious, that describes it for the last few weeks.

Mostly I cycle between stregth and mass phases. I love moving heavy stuff and like higher frequency, higher intesity workouts. I really change things around though.

Awesome build man! Keep up the good work.

good stuff

definitely would like to talk more about your diet/regimen if you ever get a minute