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What the Heck is Wrong With Me?

I’m 32 years old. I have been weight training now for about six months and I took the time to carefully research what to do and how to do it before I began. Visually my gains have been exceptional. Strengthwise my gains are not all that, but I know it takes time.

I have developed a very very strange problem. I tried to do web research and figure out what it is, but I have found almost nothing. What little I did find did not really sound like the symptoms I am experiencing.

This is happening in my forearms and in my lower legs. When I do any kind of arm curl at all, whether it be with freeweights or machines I get this scary painful sensation that the bones in my forarm are bending. The pain is NOT coming from the muscle at all, but from the bones inside it. I swear, sometimes it feels like they are really about to snap. It’s bizarre.

And likewise when I am running or doing certian portions of my leg routine, my shinbones get this crazy sensation that they are flexing and bending. And I don’t think it’s my shos because I have some of the finest running shoes in the world. I have always taken suplements that include calcium, and have always been a healthy eater. The protien bars and shakes I eat also usually have calcium in them, so really doubt it’s a nutritional thing.

What in the world is this? Anyone got a clue? Have you ever heard of someone breaking a limb from lifting weights?
My doctor is kind of a creep and doesn’t seem to know a thing about sports medicine so I thought I would ask you guys… the experts… first!

Two thoughts come to mind…

  1. When you curl, are your wrists locked and straight? If not you WILL be taxing the forearm. I know you said its not muscular, but the sensation is misleading, especially considering you have only been at it 6 months.

  2. Same as above, its called Shin Splints (sp?). Hurts like a friggin bitch.

I’m no doctor, but my prognosis, just keep going, you’ll bee ok.

But be warned, i dont know shit ; )

The running issue sounds like shin splints.

The forearm pain while curling is also common.

So, at least on that note, you are normal and probably nothing is wrong with you.

For the curling, have you tried hammer curls… or using the EZ curl bar… to rotate the wrists a bit while you lift?

For the running, stop doing it… heh.

shin splints?

really that’s a very interesting problem and I’m terribly curious what the issue is…If you can, go to a sports specialist doc and keep us posted.

I’m no expert but I had shin splints, and the only way to get through them is carrying on, and having good rest periods. As long as your arms/legs aren’t bending your all good. Your body can hand out some fairly strange sensations when it wants to.

I’m fairly sure shin splints are caused by inflamation of connectors from the muscle to the bone. Maybe try some Flameout, as this combats inflamation.

Man shin splints plagued me, strangly it only went away when I started running with weight and boots on.

I had the exact same feelings whilst performing preacher curls with the EZ bar. Was a normal work out then suddenly i had a aching down both forearms. It was definitely coming from the bone (ulna, lower one).It became so painful in the end that i couldnt do any more reps.

I let my arms rest for two weeks before trying again. Sharp pain once again… i couldnt even hold the bar on decent and had to drop it down. Its now been over 3 months since i first had the injury and to be honest its only in the last 2 weeks i havent noticed the pain. I decided to switch programs and moved on to ABBH I and it really did help sort the problem out. I would get pain whilst performing chins but every week it started to subside.

I talked to my physio ( i previously had really dodgy ankles, ripped atfl ligament etc so thats how i know him) and he said it was possibly bruised bone or tiny hairline fractures along the surface of the bone due to using excessive weight causing the bone to flex. He did tell me this over the phone so it wasnt a proper diagnosis but after doing some searching on the internet its pretty much the only things i could see that might have happened.

Like most people have said, it sounds like you have shin splints. Best thing for it is rest, but to help subside pain and discomfort you can take some anti-inflammatories and use ice cup massages over the painful area. Also, be sure to stretch out your calves and plantar flexors.

Which side of your lower leg is the pain on? The medial or lateral side? Shin splints is kind of a general term and can be from a strain to the anterior lower leg musculature (normally the tibialis anterior), inflammation of the connective tissue, or small stress fractures in the bone. Normally the stress fractures occur in runners, especially distance runners.

As for your forearm pain, it sounds like you have a similar injury to shin splints, just in the forearm. It is probably an inflammation to the interosseous membrane that connects the radius and ulna, in combination with possible wrist flexor tightness. I had similar pain and used ice cup massages after workouts and stretched it at different times during the day. I was also lucky enough to have access to a modality unit and used some Pulsed Ultrasound which I felt helped with my recovery as well.

To be cautious about things if you are “certain” that it is the bone, go get x-rays taken to rule out any possible stress fractures. And don’t completely rule out your physician. To consider people on this board “experts” over a physician on this matter isn’t really proper, unless they have the proper background and education. Real world experience will help us in giving advice, but you should definately see a professional if you are that concerned.


I get the same things in my forearms…

I think its also from gripping too hard on the weights…because when i let go, thats then the dull pain shoots up to my elbows…Can do hammbers cant curl with an ezbar or straight bar…fine by me, i like dumbells better

shin splints is common with running,especially track.just rest them

the forearms problem ive had myself,switch to the EZ bar for preachers/curls or just stick with dbs,your choice

Bone bending is common in weight training. In fact, it actually makes your bones stronger. I would suggest that you keep on with the exercises but lower the intensity to minimize the bone flexing. Forget about building massive muscles now and work on proper form and an appropriate amount of resistance to strengthen your bones. If you can, you should visit a doctor to see if you have a condition that may be causing loss of bone density.