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What the heck is wrong with me

Ok, here is my problem. I cant get off by blowjobs. The girl goes down on me for about an hour, and nothing. Im hard and all, but I just cant get off. Its rather discouraging. Have any of you guys experienced it. Thanks.

Nope. Never.

Ya its happened…its called a bad blow job!..the girl does’nt have a clue in the world to what shes doing if she has to be down there for an hour…you have to take control like a real T-man…tell her what you want…tell her how to do it…but god …don’t waste that much time…i hope she has good teeth, an hour blow job with a girl that has bad teeth would be like wacking of with sand paper…cheers

Send her back into the shop . Could be faulty wiring, timing belt is off, anything… :wink:

Totally have. I don’t know why that is. I figure it to do with ones own “structure”. Some of the women I’ve been with can get me to climax but they couldn’t move their jaw to talk for a week (I’m so crass). Marathon blow job sessions aren’t very pretty in the eyes of the “blowjobee”. Don’t sweat it, if it turns you on and you have a beautiful time together making love…well that’s the bloody point!
Best health to ya

Some guys have that problem (never a guy I’ve been with though grin). Try communicating with her better - tell her what and where and how fast or slow. What worked for the last guy she was with is obviously not working for you, so let her know. A word of caution though, be very careful that you don’t sound ‘criticizing’ or you may have had your last blowjob from her.

Thanks guys. Upon some reflection, I think thats just what it was: a bad blowjob.

A good blow job is at least 50% hand job, is the manual stimulation where it should be?

Maybe these chicks need to go to Dick Sucking school.

Dude try a senior citizen when she takes her teeth out and gives you a hummer with her gums I guarantee you will not have any problems blowing your wad.

“Cruising retirement homes since 1980”

Maybe your dick is broke.

Yep, I agree, the hand-job portion of of a blow job is very important. Concerned Male, don’t be shy, beat it yourself while she sucks you, that way you get the best of everything.

Thanks for the tips, guys. I think I will have to start giving the girls pointers. However, as I am not too keen to date women who have been around the block too many times, I think this is my lot in life.

You don’t need to have “been around the block” to be good at giving head, you need to pay attention to the cues you’re getting from your partner. You also need to care about the person you’re with. So if you’re having problems enjoying sex, it could be because it’s casual sex and you need to start investing more in your relationship.

First of all, a blow job does not necessarily include manual ‘work’. That part is optional.

Second, weither a woman has 'been around the block' or not has nothing to do with how 'good' or 'bad' she is.

Finally, I'd love to hear your definition of 'around the block' (and yes, that is a loaded question)

A “good blowjob is 50% manual stimulation”? Wha? If that is true, then a GREAT blowjob is totally “hands-free”. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

To answer the question, “yes” I have had issues not being able to orgasm from a blowjob. Usually the reason is because I was uptight… new partner, or that type of thing. Performance anxiety, etc. Sometimes instead of coming too quick, it can have the opposite effect… can’t come because you “can’t let go”. The answer is to relax and enjoy yourself. Anyway, who says a blowjob has to end in a climax?

A blowjob is like pizza, even a bad one is still pretty good. Unless your partner is totally inept, which is possible… A lot of younger inexperienced people (or with inexperienced partners) reading these boards too. In which case “practice makes perfect”.

No, manual work during the blowjob is NOT optional. That’s just silly.

Ah Michelle, would you be willing to share any of your “secrets” or is that too personal? I know alot of this stuff depends on the individual, but there are some things that are universally applicable. The problem I always see is that the BJ just doesn’t generate enough friction to do any stimulation, and that’s why alot of these guys say to have her use her hand, because it generates a stronger grip and alot of friction.

Yep, friction is the key especially for the “over 30” crowd. As they use to say on
Z-ROCK: Faster, Harder, Louder…hehe…

Well, yes, not using manual stimulation during a BJ(on the penis anyway) takes a bit more effort, but it certianly can be done. It takes more time and a bit more effort, but the results are still good. grin

As for pressure and friction, it's all a matter of technique. Katie and I are taking a road trip for the day, but we'll post tonight when we get back.

Striker - very little is 'too personal' all you have to do is ask...

Doogie - Do you mean manual stimulation on the penis? That is definately optional, well depending on the skills of the person you are with. Yes, of course her hands should be 'busy' but not necessarily on the penis.