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What the Heck Happened to This Site?


It's been a while since I've visited T-Nation and I can't believe all the changes. The homepage layout is awful and what's with the new name, "Testosterone Muscle"? This place is looking more and more like BB.com every time.


Well if it makes you feel any better we didn't miss you.




I agree with the OP, there are way to many pointless threads complaining about pointless things......


your avatar is fitting. thanks for stopping by. It's just a name and a layout, the content is what matters


It's real simple...if you dont like the place, don't start some stupid fucking thread telling us about how it hurt your feelers...



I think the content is starting to leave a lot to be desired lately, as well...


that often read like Jerry Seinfeld monologues.

"What is the deal with people curling in the squat rack?




Haha, this made me LOL!


I missed you...... Where have you been?

Maybe if you put a few suggestions in their box, they'll look into making the changes that'll make you happy and it'll feel like home again.

Thank you for your contribution.


Just about every post on this thread is why I always come back to this site. There are some funny (and blunt) people here. Just the way I like it...


x2, funny shit.


Did Chris Shugart die? Or is "It still coming?"


"Who ARE these people?"


15 posts, eh?


Yeah, but those 15 posts were AMAZING. Except this one.

Ok, 14.


You know what.

Ahhh never Mind.


Yea, I'm sure you can't believe you're paying for this!

Oh, wait-

We're not.


LOL "it" was supposed to be here over a month ago wasnt it?