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What the Future Holds!!?


thought it would be kinda interesting to see what everyone thinks future advances will bring to our lives...as in what crop of new "magic pills", supps, exercise equipment and medical breakthroughs will occur.

i for sure hope a pill comes on along thatl make my calves double in size immediately!! :slight_smile:

But on a serious note, the day a cure for all cancers is found...thatl be a day to celebrate.

So what are ur thoughts on what you want, you think will happen and hope will happen and how long itl take. could b cool for berradi an such who know their shit to get involved and give us their take on what the future brings!


I want zero calorie pizza.


nanotech. - little robots will be built on the molecular level which will be injected initially for set purposes - ie remove arterial plaque, eat away at tumors- that sort of thing, then they will be used by many people as a passive 'health suppliment' - remove antioxidants, keep the blood lipid profile with a set range of parameters, acheive and maintain insulin sensitivity, and a whole host of other health related ideas. I mean imagine if you had these little robots running around gettinginto cells and tweaking the mitochondria to use just 5% more fat as energy for basic metabolic process, etc.
And we may not be too far off - someone has mentioned using organic molecules to replace transtors on silicon chips - orgainic molecules are 100 X smaller, so the process power of computers will rise at the same rate. And if we can make chips 100s of time smaller.......


Thats the kinda response im talking about!!!!




Real Doll's that are a little more real...

Whistful sigh


What about a device that constantly monitors and delivers precise amounts of nutrients into the blood or stomach combined with an invisible microscopic skin tight layer of 'nano-skin' which constantly stimulates your muscles, ligaments and CNS etc for constant growth and takes care of all hygene and grooming needs.

Oh and it cures baldness too!


Nanotech isn't all that, coming from someone who works in nanotech. The public has been inundated with too much Drexler, not enough Smalley or Kurzweil. To do the kinds of things Drexler talks about, you're going to have to breach the nano- barrier and go micro- and on the micro level, cells are eons ahead of anything we can do.

The near future, biotech. As all of the genetic factors are teased out by increased computing power, epigenetic factors will reveal themselves. Physical bodies will become much more durable.

Far future, Further increases in computing power will allow us to begin to attack consciousness itself. Birthed into a body, you'll grow and age until your body becomes too worn out and you'll download into a new one. Life will become one huge video game to do over and over. Then we'll get nanotech fully fleshed out.

Unless you're a Kurzweil purist, in which case all you need to know is that the singularity is coming.

Oh god am I a geek.


World peace.

An end to hunger.

An end to war.

A cure for AIDS and other nasty infectious diseases.

An end to racism and sexism.

An end to human generated extinction of other species on this planet.

Higher pay for school teachers, fire fighters and police.

Broccoli that doesn't get stuck in your teeth.


Now you're just dreaming!


The potential of genuine nano technology is only limited by our imagination.

25-50 years from now Star Trek will look sillier to our grandchildren than the old 1930's Buck Rogers serials look to us.

The Borg are an ugly joke compared to whats possible.

I think the future of medicine will be a set of machines, that can internally produced, in such numbers that every cell in the body could have it own robotic controller. Each of these robots could have greater computing power than todays mainframe computers.

Right now scientists are using inkjet technology to build up layers of cells to produce artificial skin and they are looking to use the same technology to produce complex 3 dimensional organs. 25 years from now cloning could be a technology that is considered old fashoined and obsolete.

Finger printing, retinal scanning even dna will be rendered useless.

The proverbial fly on the wall will be something to fear, because insects controlled by micromachine will be used to hunt and eliminate all trace of terrorists.

Laws and legal precedents from today will be used in ways never imagined by the average citizen.


More of the same, supplements that don't work because they are 1% research funding (unless you include market reserach) and 99% advertisement funding. And 1 supplement that actually works for every hundred of the above.


The 500 pound bodybuilder- ripped with a tiny 70inch waist.........


I just finished "The Coming Singularity". Fascinating. The magnitude of change will be enormous. Machines designing machines for the betterment of humankind. Kurweil predicts sometime in the decade 2040 for this to come to pass.


So, with all these 'technological' advances... can one logically assume that he can eat all the crap he wants, and never work out, and some internal robot will make him all ripped?

Is that what you really want?

\|/ 3Toes


I think that you only have to ask Chuck Norris what the future will hold as it is all in his hands.


That might just be the funniest book that I've ever read.

I remember, back in the 70's when they were predicting men on mars, flying cars and a host of other things that were supposed to come to pass by the year 2000.

I predict that more people will be trying to sell more books about the future...in the future.



It's actually in his feet, those roundhouses are brutal


No shit. I love my occasional all-the-way pizza and the 10,000 calories that come with it. And for good measure, I like to wash it all down with a sixer of beer. That's what I call bulking,lol.


Baldness is a gift from God. You are a chosen one if you go bald. No one told you that?