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What the future holds- John B.

I really enjoy your articles JB!. I read about how many T-mag readers want you to right a carb roundtable article. I think that would be great, I agree with them. Althogh you said you haven’t written for the mag for a while because your working on some projects with Biotest. Are those supplements or more articles? And if they are supplements can you give us a tiny clue of what your genius mind is working on? By the way, I have a question about a certain protein powder. Have you heard of a protein powder called GOATEIN, made of goat milk whey concentrates and milk isolates, and do you think it would be good?

Thank you for all your wonderful knowledge you share with us t-maggers!

I appreciate all the positive comments from all the wonderful t-mag readers! It warms my heart during this holiday season (said with a big, warm grin :wink:

Ok, ok since you asked…First, I am currently spending MUCH time working my PhD dissertation looking at resistance training and skeletal muscle ATP loss and regeneration. It is fascinating basic research but down the line (within a year or so) I will be testing some old and some new compounds for their abilities to regenerate skeletal muscle ATP quickly or to increase resting levels of ATP. This is a HUGE thing since if we can do both more effectively, not only weight trainiers, but every anaerobic athlete will benefit tremendously. I may unveil some of my thoughts on this at the No Holds Barred Seminar in Orlando in Feb but as far as the new compounds, its far too early to mention them. Since Im very research oriented, I have to wait for data before I unleash my excitement.

Secondly, here is the big new Biotest project…I am working on testing a new post-workout recovery drink Ive developed…I know, I know, it doesnt sound all that exciting…YET…but the ingredients are designed to do 3 things…1) Maximize post workout glycogen resynthesis 2) Promote complete recovery of protein synthesis that is lost during training 3) Inhibit the large increase in protein breakdown associated with the post-workout period. Now this has applications for EVERYONE who trains, no matter the modality. The supplement industry needs a quality post-workout formula as there is currently none that use all the research at our disposal to promote complete training recovery. Hopefully this product will be done by the seminar (but I cant promise anything).

Boy are these 2 projects exciting!

As far as a carb roundtable, Im not sure how to handle it. There are so many darn ideas about carbs and so many angles to take. I still have to think more about this. Articles that MAY be forthcoming after the holiday include: An article about my new eating plan called "DONT DIET" ; An article on insulin management and glucose tolerance / insulin sensitivity testing ; An article on low carb diets in general ; and maybe a carb roundtable bringing together some researchers that work with endurance and strength athletes.

Feedback guys? What would you like most to read about? Maybe your ideas could spark some other stuff (as if I dont have enough already!).

About Goatein, never heard of it...Why not just stick with a proven brand of whey or a proven MRP. Im not sure if I like goats all that much to buy their milk. Im more a fan of cows cause they give us their milk, their meat, and their implants (Fina) :-)

I think a carb round table may be too long and drawn out. Maybe articles on specific subjects may be better. My vote is for the Don’t Diet article first. I’m really interested in hearing about it. After that, the articles on low carb diets and insulin management can follow.

John Berardi,
I think the most useful article that you could bless us with would be one about glycemic index and insulin response to different foods. You said before that a food can have a low GI but cause a high insulin response. As far as dieting goes, an article about what foods to avoid and how to manipulate different foods to use insulin to our benefit would be great. Also, I’m curious as to how you youself eat? What kind of foods, meal frequency, etc.

I am very interested in learning more about GI and insulin and how you said they may not always be the same. Very interested in YOUR diet and what foods to avoid and what to stock up on.