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What the funk is that smell??

I’m getting lean for competition and just started jogging for 45 minutes 5 am in the morning, wearing several layers of clothes. Today was the first day i did it, and this afternoon during my workout i noticed something very odd. I stank! Don’t misunderstand, i’m always drenched during my workouts, but today the smell eminating from my body was unusually rank, emphasis on the unusual part. The smell just seemed so alien to what i usually sweated, and believe me it was strong. There’s gotta be some sort of correlation between this new smell and that morning jog. Anybody know what the hecks going on?

Take a bath, you nasty fucker.


Okay, what you’re probably smelling is ammonia. I’d suggest you kick your protein intake up.

where is it coming from your pits or your crotch?

At my gym we have naked guy, close talker guy, incessant talker guy, nose picker and farter guy already. Stay way from my gym. We’re fully booked.