What the Fuck!

I’m completly confused… From what I’ve reserched Andro is a banned substance since 1996 in Canada. At least according to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. I have yet to find any specific data aside from general here say about “adrogenic” compounds. Many people reporting on the scene seem to back up this assumption about pro-hormones and andro… but, on the other hand, not only has it been mentioned here, at T-mag, and at many other Online retailing sources. Androsol and Norandrosol can be shipped to Canada no questions asked. Is this simply the old finaplex situation, where the substance is legal and illegal, but is easy to buy. Lastely are there any Canadians here that are taking Nor/Androsol, without legal problems (Canadians that are living in Canada that is).

I’m in Canada and have done 3 separate orders for androsol from the states with absolutely no problems. From what I was told from a dude who owns a pretty successful online supplement business here in Canada, it is illegal to sell and purchase here, but it’s not illegal to use… pretty ridiculous, I know. At worst, all that will happen is your package being confiscated at customs, which is very unlikely to happen. One company in Florida sent it to me not knowing the laws in Canada about it, another one knew very well about them and asked me if I had legal documents allowing me to have it… either way, I doubt you’ll have any problems.