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What the fuck is bump?

This will probably seem like a dumb question to most of you, but I don’t know anything about computers or computer lingo. Just about every day, I see someone reply to a message by saying “bump”, but have no idea what it means. And if the only replies I get are a bunch of “bumps” or smart-ass comments, I’ll be pissed :wink: (Obviously, I know what a smiley is, so no need to state the obvious)

Every time someone answers a post it gets “bumped” to the front of the list. If something does not get an answer quickly, it gets relegated to page 3 or 4, and then tossed out off the deep end into the realms that only the search engine can pull back up. Basically, if no one answers your question, you can “bump” it back up to the top by replying to your post with “bump”, so that people who may have missed it the first time can see it again. With the amount of traffic the forum sees (especially on the T/N board) you have to bump your messages up once in a while.

when you “bump” a post you intentionally bring it to the top of the forum (since this particular format displays em by newest post first) to get attention/reponse from other posters. Also :wink: is a wink not a smiley. This is a smiley :slight_smile: aww ain’t it cute? cwute wittle smiwley.

This question was just asked the other day. Sometimes the search engine is doesnt always comeup with what you want so ill give you the benefit of the doubt.
When topics are posted they are moved down the list by
1 new topics
2 old topics that are have new posts in them
So to keep a certain topic on the first page or two people will often post bump therby bumping the topic back to the top adn making it more visible to everyone and more likely to get there attention and replies.

The posts are organized by date/time with the most recent on “top” or the first post seen. As more posts arrive, other posts move down in line. Every time somebody responds to a post, it moves or “bumps” it back up to the top or first in line. If somebody hasn’t got a response to their post, and hope they will, they can add a “dummy” response called “bump” to force it back to first in line where more people are apt to read it therefore improving the chances of getting an eventual reply. “Bump” just moves you back to first in line. Hope that helps.