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What the Fluff is Twitter?


What the fluff is twitter?

I hear straight man saying stuff like "Tweet me when you get home, dude" or "Dude, this chick tweeted me on Twitter?"

What the hell? Is Twitter like a fruitier version of Myspace?

"Tweet me on Twitter". Bunch of Twats.


Twitter is basically facebook, only it's just status updates. And the status updates can only be so long, but you can update them from you phone. I'd say the only cool thing about twitter is that you can follow celebrities or people of interest.
Dave Tate:http://twitter.com/underthebar
Nate Green:http://twitter.com/nategreen03


Dave Tate and twitter? the universe might implode.

He doesn't like the term "my bad", but twitter is ok?


So basically its like this:

WolBarret-9:52pm: I just took a massive dump. It looks like Lou Ferrigno. I'll get a camera.
WolBarret-9:59pm: Found a camera, but there's no film. Sucks. I'll flush the toliet now.
WolBarret-10:45pm: My balls itch. I may have crabs.


Facebook = ghey

Tweeter = gheyer


I can see the appeal of Facebook to some extent, but Twitter is just inexcusably gay.

I don't like anyone enough to require a running commentary of their daily goings-on, and I can virtually guarantee that nobody likes me enough to be interested in mine.

If I did have a Twitter account though, here would be my previous hour:

-Went to store. Debated between purchasing name-brand bathtub cleaner or generic. Opted for generic.
-Made drink of vanilla whey protein and "Greens +".
-Posted this message

Who gives a fuck?!



im really sick and tired of tihs fckin thing, and hearin about it non stop, even the word twitter has to be one of the most annoying words out there


No one is that fucking important that I need to know all of the mundane details of their life.

Facebook was cool in my first few years in college, or a the very least useful.


anyone else here signed up for titter? i used to go on clitter alot but im working on broadening my network...you can never have too many friends on clitter and titter!

oh and check out this new song!


awwwwww, poor you, you don't have any friends?


Go with me on this, you twitter haters:

You post on a forum. You want those posts to be read--you feel those posts add value. You assume that people respect and want to read what you write.**

Twitter is the same thing. You don't have to post about mundane shit, but that's okay too. I use twitter for a few reasons: 1.) it drives traffic to a website I run, 2.) It helps me find cool shit on the internet (people post links), and 3.) It's fun.

Twitter is about interaction. You like to lift heavy shit? Find others who lift heavy shit on twitter and talk to them (sound mysteriously like a certain forum...). Simple. So before you judge twitter or facebook realize that you are participating in essentially the same thing on this forum. There's just no 140 character limit.

**Let's face it, even a well timed, "try hitting her," adds value.


Um, T-Nation is on twitter. Maybe some people see the value of twitter and don't label something "gay" even though they know nothing it.