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What The F*** France?


[b]French Teacher Dies After Setting Herself on Fire in Schoolyard

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What the fuck, Scotland?


What the fuck, Yemeni?


All these people lighting fires and not having the common decency to prepare steak, ribs, or wings to cook on said fires are just disgusting!! For shame!


Dude, that's what I was thinking.


Nothing says "we support the uprising against our government" quite like burning your own clothes in the street.

LOL idiots.


I knew the OHIO PLAYERS Music would rise again:


Teacher's recruitment in France is based on strictly academic criteria, not pedagogic ones.
For this reason, many individuals who are not suited to this (pretty hard) job end up in classrooms populated by an increasing number of near-savages.


Everyone wants to go out in a blaze of glory these days.

Whatever happened to the slow-burn and fizzle?


What the Fuck, NFL?
NFL Predictions: 20 Burning Questions Heading into Week 8


It doesn't seem to be much better here in the states anymore. Most of the teachers who were in it for passion seem to be leaving. They seem to want mindless drones in the classroom....and don't we show how well that is going.


Probably because teaching pays like shit.

I can't imagine going through 4 years of university, accumulating that debt to make 40-60k for most of my career. Doesn't make sense.


Unless it is Salma Hayek and she is burning EVERYTHING she is wearing. Nothing idiotic about that at all.


Wow. We put our teachers through hell at times when I was in high school, but suicide by fire makes me wonder if she should have been around kids in the first place.


Basically bitches are crazy.


Remember the good old days when they would just stress out and give a kid a blow job. Now the teachers are setting themselves ablaze? WTF


I'll worry when they start setting kids ablaze.

Guns in the classroom?


To Paraphrase George Carlin:

Sounds like a great way to churn out massive amounts of young people that are just smart enough to do mindless boring office work, and just dumb enough to accept doing it for shitty pay.


I never had a teacher in high school that I would want making me a blowjay. It might have helped my grades if there were some milfs. lol


Entrepreneurship FTW?

Be the man (woman) men (women) hate.