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What the deuce?

I have exhausted the search function for this question, so here goes:

I have a pretty high bodyfat percentage, about 20%. I know what I have to do as far as my diet goes to thanks to forum members like Phill and Tampa-Terry. (You guys are a great asset to this place) Anyways, as far as to my training, I am a little confused. I wanted to do ABBH, a 5 x 5 program, or DeFranco’s modified Westside, and CT’s article this week states:

The purpose of strength-training while dieting is primarily to prevent muscle loss!

Furthermore, Joel Marion doesn’t recommend his program for guys (or gals) until they hit around 12% bodyfat. (It could be 15%.) My question: What types of programs are good for a chunky guy like me who is trying to lost fat and keep/gain strength? I don’t need hypertrophy, I am big enough. Assuming CT’s above statement, then are lactic acid based programs like Meltdown neccessary? I could always throw around my liitle brother. Does that do the trick?

Phill: What did you do (In training) when you started out? Walleye? I am researching as much as possible, but still am conflicted.

My diet I will essentially be varying between T-Dawg and Don’t Diet-This combo of these keep me more likely to be consistent. I’ll start out at Maitenance - 250, then to -500.

To all those respond, much thanx.


Hey thanks, and I am glad I have been of help.

As far as what training I was doing when I stated my weight loss. I was doing full body w/o’s 3-4 time a week, usually in the 5-8 rep range.

This was before I was blesssed with T-Mag and I simply through my own program together without the knowledge behind me to do so.

That said I would suggest a program that you lift heavy seeing as you are not worried about hypertrophy. While strength based programs will provide muscle growth to a point the main focus will be on strength preservation while on a hyper caloric diet.

On program I myself and others have had great results with while cutting is <a href="http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/244anti.jsp"target=“new”>ABBH a good mix of both low and high rep work.

Over all I say just pick a solid program and stick with it through to finish. Then pick something different to keep you and your body guessing. Your diet is going to be your main weapon.

Hope this helps,