What The? ABBH!

I just started CW’s ABBH. I did 5 sets of 10 reps of squats. Good form (hips bend first, toes pointed nearly striaght ahead, head up, and back arched) and my thighs went below parallel but my hamstring/glutes are signiticantly more sore than my quads.

I have done squats before just never this much. How can I isolate the quads better? Would using a board help?

Also, I have a difficult time getting my upper chest sore. When I do dips or decline bench I can feel my low chest is tight and sore. When I do flat or incline bb or db. I barely feel anything the next day. I know DOMS are not the definitive indicator of muscle growth but it seems to be a pretty good one for me.

Any advice on how to tweak my exercises would be helpful, thanks guys.

Your hammies are hurting more than your quads because that is where your weakness is. You probably aren’t used to going so low…which is where the posterior chain is recruited the most.

If you are looking for muscle soreness, I suggest you have someone beat you with a rubber hose in the upper chest. That’ll make it sore.

disregard the chest portion. I did not the see the post on chest exercises just below this one.