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What Tests to Run? Going to See an Endocrinologist

I’m 52. Only 18 lbs over weight. No libido. No morning wood. Don’t drink alcohol. Only drink 2 cups of coffee and working on getting to zero so no cortisol. I take no prescription meds except Adex – take 1/5th mg daily.

What tests do I need to have run? There’s a notice of that somewhere on this site but I don’t know where.

I don’t know any of the acronymns so please spell out the words.

I’m going to see an Endocrinologist to get tests run.

Correction. 14 lbs over weight.

Check the stickies man. It has a wealth of info on what you should be getting tested. I read thru them this past week after running into problems with my TRT regimen, and grasped quite a bit of knowledge. I wish I read them before I crashed my E2 with letro and Adex.

I looked for those but could not find them. I’m sure I’ve overlooked them. Can you tell me where on the site to find them?


Click the link above for stickies.

Thank you very much!