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What Testosterone Type Are You On?

Hi, I am currently on delatestryl but it is currently on backorder in my province.

My pharmacy is going to contact my doctor to see if he wants to change the type of T.

Can anyone confirm if delatestryl is the best or if there is another one that is better

What areyyou guys on?

I have both cypionate and enanthate on hand, I feel different on enanthate v.s cypionate, neither is best, some feel better on a particular ester.

Delatestryl is enanthate just a different brand name.

I know you said “some”, but it should be pointed out that many can’t tell a difference (I am in that group).

If you have been feeling good on Delatestryl, then just ask for Test E (that is what Delatestryl is).

Generic is just as good, brand name is not necessary when it comes to Enanthate (Or Cypionate). Either will do, it’s interchangeable for most people.